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Things Our Pets Tell Us

The Pet Emergency Warning System

Animals can be great predictors, but too often, we fail to understand what they’re trying to tell us. Many times I’ve wished I could understand my pets more clearly. I might realize they’re warning me of something, but have no clue what it might be. The only exception was during the aftershock period following the Northridge Earthquake.

The Lynx Point Siamese cat I had at the time would start freaking out a good 2 to 4 hours before one of the larger aftershocks. But since my daughter and I would get queasy about the same time, it was easy to read what Missy was trying to tell us.

Behavior Changes Mean Something

Lately, my clowder have eschewed their usual practice of napping on beds or couches between mid-morning and late afternoon before looking for attention. Instead, Dylan and at least one of the other boys are on my desk the entire day, leaving only when I move to another room, and then, only to follow me. Even my former foster, Tiana who won’t even let me pet her yet is following me, but keeping a safe distance.

I could attribute their behavior to changes in my schedule which put my out of the house more often, but I like to think I’m pretty good at recognizing changes in cat behavior for what it is. I don’t think I’d be as curious if it was only Dylan, and maybe Munchkin who felt the need to keep me in sight whenever I’m home, but it’s pretty much everyone.

You may have noticed Scrappy Doo on the end of my desk for at least part of every Facebook Live (once, he fell off the desk in the middle and was quickly replaced by Dylan). He never used to care, and only came around when he wanted to sit in my lap while I played a game which didn’t require the keyboard. I’ve woken the last few mornings with him right beside me too. He typically prefers the foot of the bed.

If It Was Only Mine, I’d Believe They Miss Me

I asked my daughter if her dog and cats were being especially clingy, and it turns out, hers are behaving similarly to mine. Yes, she is gone a lot these days with all her activities, but even her two skittish ones like to be in the same room with her more than before.

Cats have been used to predict earthquakes for a number of years now, and quite successfully. Heaven knows we’re overdue for another big shaker somewhere in California, though frankly, it could be anywhere. And it’s possible some of the monsoon weather they get in Arizona this time of year could be starting to charge our own air. Cats definitely react to an increased ozone level if only because they can smell it (I’ll smell it myself, though not as early as they do, for obvious reasons. Yet, I’ve gotten a weird look or two when I’ve announced an impending storm on a day when the skies are a clear, cloudless blue).

Elemental Awareness in Animals

Everyone has an affinity for at least one element, whether they realize it or not. My daughter is very connected to Earth, but has more than a little Fire in her as well. I tend to connect to Fire and Water, though I’ve been known to key into Earth changes too. I believe the same is true of animals, though most, if not all are sensitive to Earth.

Which brings up another question: if we’re sensitive to Earth, does that mean only our planet, or can we, if the change is powerful enough to cross the miles, pick up changes on other planets as well? And if we’re able to, can animals with their more sensitive natures be picking up signals from Mars or Jupiter, maybe even Pluto?

Of course, by the time this post publishes, since I’m writing and scheduling things ahead of time these days, I may have had to revise it to encompass whatever change the cats and other animals have been trying to tell us was coming. Now more than ever, I wish I was an animal communicator and could understand what my cats are trying so hard to tell me with body language, unusual meows, and their insistence on being close to me at all times.

Blind to the Obvious Signs

I feel like, without the ability to understand more than my animals’ basic needs, I’m stumbling around half blind. It’s like looking at a picture in which all the details are blurred.

Even the little things are starting to make me ask questions. Dylan typically sits on the end of my desk while I write my morning pages, purring or snoring softly, but letting me have the 30 minutes or so it takes to write my 3 pages undisturbed. Lately, he’ll do things like walk across the page, or rub his cheek on my pen, or waft his tail across the page so I can’t write. He’s also pushed my mouse off the desk repeatedly, when ordinarily it’s an infrequent pastime. His bids for attention these days are as far from subtle as they can be.

When a child demands our attention more frequently than normal, we start asking questions, feeling their forehead, or otherwise trying to figure out why they’re suddenly so needy. I think we need to give the same attention to our fur children when they make it clear they want more of our attention, but especially when it isn’t just one, but all of them.

Whether it’s About the Weather

Thunderstorms, earthquakes, fires, floods: animals know. I’m convinced it’s true, but there are only a few areas where there’s definitive proof. Yet when there’s a forest fire, animals panic. They may run into it, but their goal is to get away. The smell of burning wood is not normal in their world so they react. The same with thunderstorms. The scent in the air is something they’ve learned either through their own experience or from their parents means they could be in danger. Their natural instincts and the lessons they’ve learned lead them to seek shelter.

In the case of house pets, shelter or escape means seeking out their caregivers as we are the ones who are charged with keeping them safe, warm, and dry. When my own start seeking me out more frequently, I have to believe it’s because they know something is coming from which they’ll need protection, comfort, or shelter, or perhaps all of the above. In such cases, I may not understand what they’re trying to tell me, but my spidey senses go on high alert until the danger arrives or the animals return to normal. How about you?

Grateful For All My Little Blessings

My gratitudes today are:

  1. I am grateful for the animals who have come into my care. The care and protection I give them is returned a thousand-fold in the love, affection, and de-stressing they give me.
  2. I am grateful for the little bit I’ve learned about animal behavior. I may not understand the words, but the melody is clear.
  3. I am grateful for friendships with animal people who don’t think I’m a complete nut case for looking for patterns in our animals’ behavior.
  4. I am grateful for waking up in the morning to purrs and cuddles after falling asleep to them too. My cats end up in my dreams a lot because there are always at least a couple of them by my side. (another perk of working from home)
  5. I am grateful for abundance; love, trust, hope, kitty love, inspiration, motivation, writing, sharing, support, encouragement, joy, health, peace, harmony, philanthropy, and prosperity.

Love and Light


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