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July 26, 2015 Is Your Shoulder or Back Pain Really Just a Pain in the Neck?

Sometimes, You Just Have to Make Your Own Miracles

As you’ve probably read by now, June and July have been my month for shoulder and back pain. Not one to let a little (sic) pain get me down, I have taken all of the usual routes (medical, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, homeopathic, topical and exercise) to send the pain on its way. As can be expected, some methods have been more effective than others. For example, the muscle relaxers helped start the healing process, but the prescription pain killers just gave me a headache. The acupuncture was pretty uncomfortable and I saw no noticeable results.

True to form, the winning combination was homeopathics, Salonpas Deep Relieving Gel, a couple of trips to my chiropractor, massage (my personal favorite) and exercise. I’ve combined several things into the last one and have done my share of research to find things which work best.

In my chiropractor’s words, “the motion is the lotion”, so I looked for ways to lubricate my shoulders from within, aside from the glucosamine, fish oil and turmeric I was already taking. One of those was a series of exercises designed to move the shoulders (and mine, by the way, make a delightful snap, crackle, pop with every move!). These seem to be most effective first thing in the morning when everything has tightened up after laying around for several hours.

As the day progresses, I add shoulder lifts and bicep curls with 5-pound weights. (this is a very light weight for me, but some may want to use only 1- or 2-pound weights.) Sometimes, I can do 3 or 4 of the 5 different exercises one right after the other, but more often, I do 3 then do the other 2 later.

Getting to the Source of the Pain

Though difficult to do when at the point where all you want is drugs to stop the pain and ease the tension, as the body seeks its own equilibrium, you begin to notice things like Hmmm, when I turn my head like this I get a sharp pain in my shoulder. or When I turn my head like this, my right arm goes numb. At this point, the chiropractor’s comments about your neck start to make perfect sense. You experiment by moving your head from side to side, then lean back and forward. Not only will you determine where your range of motion is impaired, but you’ll make a note of the sensations each movement causes. The light bulb comes on, bright and clear and you realize that the source of the pain is somewhat removed from the location of the symptoms.

Miracles and Aha Moments

Now that I’d figured out where the real source of my pain lived, I was ready for miracle number 2. A few days agMiracle Ballso, I was stuck on the phone for about 3 hours and my ADHD was running amok. Although I’d done a massive purge a few months ago, relegating about 6 boxes of old paper to the shredder, I started digging through the closet in my office on the off-chance that I’d had the forethought to save paperwork from a company I worked for 20 years ago. Although I didn’t find what I was looking for (and how often does that happen!) I did find something I’d sought a couple of weeks ago and had even given up hope was still in the house. In case you haven’t guessed by now, I found my Miracle Balls!

Miracle Balls-Day 2

Since I’d already determined the source of my problem, I skipped right to the section on neck exercises. As suggested, I started off slowly, but have now been through all 4 exercises a couple of times. In fact, doing the exercises before I went to bed last night relaxed the muscles enough to make sleeping in my bed a lot more comfortable than it has been for the last month or so. Repeating the neck exercises this morning in conjunction with my shoulder exercise routine has everything moving more freely. I did make an attempt to use the ball under one shoulder, but found that it is as painful, if not more so, than using the foam roller as the ball allows for a more intense amount of pressure on the affected area, given its smaller size. Wimp that I am, I could barely stand 30 seconds.

For now, I’m going to focus on getting my neck back into alignment, but the plan is to go through most of the book, in particular the chapters entitled:

  • Back on the Ball
  • Hips and Legs on the Ball
  • Ribs on the Ball
  • Shoulders on the Ball
  • Elbow on the Ball

The accompanying book is very helpful in showing how things are connected so you can set your own order to the exercises. For me, I find that Elbow on the Ball follows Head and Neck on the Ball for the relief of shoulder pain and stiffness. Though not necessarily intuitive, the author’s explanations about how everything connects and how relaxing one area impacts another are a good guide for determining the order of your own exercise routine.

Got to Admit, it’s Getting Better

For now, only two days with the addition of the Miracle Balls has brought a great deal of relief and what’s more, increased flexibility to my neck. I hope to bring more good news and handy hints as I continue this new journey. To be honest, I’m willing to try just about anything that allows me to meet the four chapter target I have for this week!

My gratitudes today are:
1. I am grateful for fortuitous finds.
2. I am grateful for my ADHD whose benefits far outweigh the challenges it has brought into my life.
3. I am grateful for gentle things which ease my pain and improve my range of motion.
4. I am grateful for another amazing night of dancing which sent my endorphins into overdrive.
5. I am grateful for abundance: flexibility, good sleep, epiphanies, health, joy, friendship, laughter, love, beauty, kitty love (especially when I lie on the floor to exercise), peace, harmony, prosperity and philanthropy.

Blessed Be

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November 19, 2014 Ask and it is given #shericonaway

Life is a series of synchronicities

Today, I went to see my massage therapist after a months long hiatus…but let me start at the beginning of this particular sequence.

Over the last week or two, I had put out the thought that I really wanted a massage again. My body needed it and so did my spirit, for many reasons. Part of it was the unique connection that has developed with my massage therapist, both through shared concepts of spirituality and research and because we shared a very intense experience in a healing class last year. I think, in hindsight, that just as the Universe provided a reason for me to contact her again, it had also provided a scenario which caused me to stop my monthly massages for awhile.

As we spoke at length about what we’d been doing, what we’d discovered and just spirituality in general (though is it ever really general?), it occurred to me that after spending many months in a very intimate, intense program, we both needed a break from each other to process what we’d learned about ourselves, the Universe and each other. We needed a time to use some of the tools we’d learned and investigate what we’d discovered about our own personal beings. We both needed time to follow our artistic, creative hearts. And so, we did.

As we came back together today, after the Universe kindly presented me with an aching shoulder and neck as an opportunity to reconnect, we shared our successes and our progress, but also some of what we’d learned over the last few months. A subject which has been of interest to me since my early teens (at least as much as I remember) came up in our conversation, and she recommended a YouTube video to me. Not only did she recommend it while we were talking before she did some energy work for me, she made a point of reminding me of the title as I was leaving.

When our Guides and the Universe feel something is important to our growth, they will do whatever is necessary to ensure that we follow through.

After a quick stop to pick up groceries, I came home and immediately brought up the video knowing that if I didn’t, the Universal head slaps would begin until I complied. It was very clear to me that watching the video was more important than anything else at this moment in time.

I have always been fascinated by people who channel, and somewhere, deep in my subconscious was a little seed that said I was needed for this task as well, but I had no idea where to even begin.

After watching only part of the video, I copied the link into a new blog post as well as to my Facebook page. I just felt that I needed to share it. Even more interesting (at least to me) is the fact that I had not yet written today’s post (I even double-checked as I was surprised at the discovery). It seems that not only was I meant to learn about this video today, but I was also meant to share it today and my blog post was intentionally delayed as a result.

I have, in hindsight, had a feeling for at least a few days now that I was about to hit a turning point, though there was no indication what part of my life would be affected. After watching the video which I’ve linked to this post, it is clear to me that the turning point will involve channeling in some way. I don’t know yet whether I will be doing the channeling or supporting someone else. I only know that it is something which is to become a large part of my life. If I were to guess, though, I’d say that whoever is waiting to be channeled will do so through me. But time will tell. I only need to leave myself open and available to the possibilities.

As I was watching the video, I was guided to begin this post, and guided to give synchronicity credit for my decision. Not two minutes after I typed the headline about synchronicities, one of the speakers began speaking on that exact topic.

Opening to the messages from our guides is the single most important thing we can do for ourselves.

In the past 15 or 20 years, I have, slowly but surely learned that my guides are there to help me, and that they will communicate with me in any way they can, often via emotions and their physical manifestations. It is only when we begin to follow their guidance that we begin to achieve our heart’s desire; that we begin to live the life we were meant to live; that going where we want to, accomplishing what we desire is simply a matter of accepting the help we’re offered after we’ve sent passionate messages out to the collective consciousness about what it is we truly want.

Now, I have to caution you that this video is not going to resonate with everyone. It challenges the concepts of religion and the One God, as well as the concept of Jesus or any other single being people are told to worship. If you will be offended by these concepts, I wouldn’t recommend watching the video. But if you can watch it with an open mind, knowing that you don’t have to agree with everything the channelers say (though I will tell you right now, there wasn’t a single thing they said to which I wasn’t able to say “Oh, yeah! That’s what I’ve been talking about!), please give it a chance. You might find your mind blown, just as I did.

I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to my guides, Barb’s guides, the Universe and all who made sure I watched this video tonight. This entire process was the finest example of synchronicity I’ve seen in my life so far, choosing to quit my accounting job to write included!

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for Synchronicity.
2. I am grateful to my Guides for giving me signs, usually small, discreet ones, but occasionally, like today, gigantic, flashing neon ones.
3. I am grateful that my life has been blessed by people who teach me new things all the time; about the world, about myself, about possibilities.
4. I am grateful to my daughter for getting me started as a blogger so I could share experiences like this.
5. I am grateful for my ability to indulge in an abundance of random acts of philanthropy.
6. I am grateful for abundance: synchronicities, gratitude, guidance, learning, human evolution, expanding wisdom, joy, love, peace, harmony, friendship, health and prosperity.


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