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January 8, 2015 Literary wake-up call

Yesterday marked a milestone in my literary career

Yes, folks. I experienced my first, of what I am certain will be many, rejection. It wasn’t a rejection in the traditional sense, with a polite but impersonal “thanks but no thanks” form letter. No, it was simply a complete lack of readership for a post I felt was some of my best work to date. When I finished writing my last post, I had a tremendous feeling of euphoria, as if what I’d written was really meaningful.

Sadly, those who do manage to find my little island in a vast sea of blogs did not agree. Though I had what has become since I moved my blog to WordPress a passably good day, not a single reader looked at the post for the day. All 16 hits were for previous days’ posts.

There is a lesson to be had, here.

I’ve been spinning my wheels trying to complete my copywriting course, struggling valiantly to work on something which just didn’t feel very good. This little lesson made me realize that I must first focus on the blogs I’ve subscribed to which address the creation of a successful blog. Thus, I will begin on the morrow to go back into my archive of emails which, thanks to the copywriting course have been carefully saved by category and sometimes by sender and begin educating myself in what really amounts to self-promotion.

This comes at a rather opportune moment since I finally settled on a topic for my website. I thought the copywriting class would hone the skills I needed to launch a successful website, but I now believe that it’s the blogging tutorials which will hold me in better stead.

Still more changes are coming to my approach.

I also realized that waiting for feedback on my first novel was beginning to bear a strong resemblance to waiting for Godot. My current options have been:
1. Work on the novel I began this past November, and complete the first draft.
2. Work on the short story I started yesterday.
3. Go back and start the second rewrite of my first novel without feedback.

As it stands right now, I’m thinking that number three will probably win out, but then, something could happen tomorrow which would change my mind yet again. Either way, I plan to put at least a couple of hours a day into studying those blog posts about blogging.

I leave you now, a little humbler and a little wiser, but as yet, undaunted.

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the painful lessons.
2. I am grateful that tomorrow is another day.
3. I am grateful that I have arrived at a plan which is less of a chore for me to actually accomplish.
4. I am grateful for setbacks as they allow me to rethink and replan.
5. I am grateful for abundance: opportunities, ideas, inspiration, information, love, peace, harmony, health, beauty and prosperity.

Blessed Be


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