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August 4, 2014 Letting down my hair

How’s it hangin’?

Sitting here tonight, groping vainly through my brain for a blog topic, a woman in one of my Facebook groups raised a question about long hair and tarot readings. I thought for a minute and realized that when I meditate, I take the scrunchy or clips out and kind of flip it behind me where, inevitably, one of the cats will lay on it. I’ve tried meditating with it tied up, but the pressure on my head annoys me. So I took the scrunchy out of my hair and let it fall onto my shoulders and down my back, in hopes that freeing my hair would also free my brain.

When I was young, my mother kept both mine and my sister’s hair cut in what was then called a “pixie cut”. It looked really cute on my sister, who shared my mom’s stick straight hair, but I shared my dad’s curly locks, and there wasn’t enough Dippity Doo in the world to keep my hair from sticking out in all directions when cut that short! When I was old enough to finally put my foot down, I grew it out and so it’s been ever since. These days, except for the day I wash it, it leans more towards frizz than curls, but I’ve come to the conclusion that the wild and wooly look suits me.

There are, of course, times when I don’t want it hanging down my back. Sweaty ropes of hair are not only unattractive, but decidedly uncomfortable as they slap against the neck and back, holding the heat from any activity one might partake of, damply against already overheated skin. (Not to mention, people tend to take issue with being drenched in someone else’s bodily fluids because the soggy one did a couple of wild spins with dripping hair flying!)

At any rate, as I thought about the woman’s comment, I realized that I’ve been doing my daily Tarot and Angel card readings with my hair up because I put it in a scrunchy as soon as I get out of bed. Conversely, I take it down when I sleep, and have been having some pretty wild dreams lately! Is there a connection?

I did have to chuckle a bit, though. She said that she “fluffs it up” before she does a reading. I got a picture of me fluffing mine up, and nearly laughed myself off of my chair as I visualized my already fluffy locks made even wilder with the help of a little finger combing.

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As this is how it looks on a good day, I’d rather avoid creating something which various woodland creatures might consider an inviting place to bear their young. But there are happy mediums (not to be confused with mediums who are happy) so this week will see me experimenting with hairstyles to see if they have any affect on what I read, feel, and otherwise, perceive when I’m “playing with the cards”.

Speaking of playing with the cards, I drew The Sun for the third time in two weeks, but, unlike the last couple of times. it quite literally lit up my world today. I felt an immense joy filling my body as Divine light illuminated my entire world. I felt as if all of the cobwebs I’ve been sweeping were suddenly gone, and my path was clear now. The only challenge left for me now would be keeping the pace at something I can manage without stumbling and breaking something important! I kept picturing a chariot which is another card, and signifies many things, including a fast, nearly uncontrollable pace. Upon further review, I realized that the Sun card contains the Greek god, Helios, who is purported to carry the sun across the sky every day in his…wait for it…Chariot! This idea crosses over into several other belief systems as well, so perhaps my chariot imagery was right on the mark. I do know that the last 18 pages of my novel will be completed by the end of this week, come hell or high water!

Whether we are aware of it or not, imagery plays a large part in how we respond to our world. Images which were formed in our brains throughout our lives will govern reactions in us many years later. Often referred to as “knee jerk reactions” we become conditioned to responding to stimuli pretty consistently unless we make a conscious effort to change. Even with those conscious efforts, we can slip back into old ways when we drop our guard, or in times of stress, just to give a couple of examples. I will be looking at ways we can change those knee jerk responses permanently in a future post or two (or however many it might take!).

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the constant influx of ideas from the people in my life.
2. I am grateful for quiet days when I just get paperwork and house stuff done.
3. I am grateful for intentions as they give me focus.
4. I am grateful for new ideas to try making what I already do even better.
5. I am grateful for abundance for all: love, happiness, joy, harmony, humor, health and prosperity.


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