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Putting the Honor Back in Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is More than Cards and Flowers

Mother’s Day as we know it today is a much different animal than the people who inspired and originated it intended. In fact, Julia Ward Howe who is better known as the lyricist of Battle Hymn of the Republic sought recognition for a Mothers’ Day for Peace. She was inspired by the devastation of the U.S. Civil War  as well as the Franco-Prussian War.

I set out to write something pithy about how commercialism has turned holidays like Mothers’ Day and Valentines day into nothing more than guilt-ridden farces which tell us that only by spending excessive amounts of money can we truly prove our love.

Keying the words “Mothers Day” into Google, took me on an entirely different path. What I learned by reading just a couple of articles both surprised and intrigued me. I can’t help myself. I have to share what I learned with you. Maybe some of you were already aware of the origins of this day set aside to honor the woman who gave us life, or in some cases, took us into her heart and home and helped us grow into the people we are today. If not, what follows might surprise you.

While Ms. Howe failed to garner support for her idea, two other women on a similar mission found a way to put the date on our calendars.

Mothers Organized for Compassion

20 years earlier, Ann Marie Reeves Jarvis organized Mothers Day Work Clubs in West Virginia (later renamed Mothers Friendship Clubs) to combat poor sanitary conditions which contributed to the high infant mortality rate.  The clubs were instrumental in providing “…medicine for the poor, nursing care for the sick, and arranged help and proper medical care for those ill with tuberculosis.” (see site reference below). When the Civil War began, Mrs. Jarvis asked several of her clubs to uphold the friendship and goodwill practiced by the members. Many lives were saved because the women nursed soldiers regardless of affiliation.

After the war, she organized a Mother’s Friendship Day to help families heal the rifts the war had caused. Upon Ann’s death, her daughter Anna made it her life’s work to give her mother the day honoring mothers for their service to humanity which Ann had spoken of often.

Making it Official and Losing Sight of the True Purpose

The first Mothers’ Day celebration took place at Ann’s church on the anniversary of her death. Within 7 years, Anna and her supporters had gained enough momentum to persuade President Wilson to make the date official. By then, almost every state had adopted the holiday. Unfortunately, the focus of the holiday was changed from women’s activism to home and family. As time went by it became more common for people to buy cards and presents  rather than spending time honoring their own mothers. Anna fought against the commercialism which replaced her mother’s vision.

Life Changes and We Adapt

Here’s where I put my own two cents in. My daughter never missed celebrating Mother’s Day with me when she was living nearby. I have fond memories of many-course, microwaved breakfasts in bed from the time she was too young to use the stove without supervision. There was never any doubt that she loved and appreciated me, even during the teenage years.

Now that she lives nearly 200 miles away, we have to choose between celebrating Mother’s Day or my birthday together as both are in May. To be honest, I don’t need a special day to celebrate my motherhood any more. I have years of memories of simple but heartfelt celebrations. We spend the day with our own friends instead. She lives in a military community, so many of her friends are even further from their mothers than she is. I have friends whose children live in other states.

I’m also put off by the idea that people are made to feel guilty if they don’t honor their mother on this one, particular, manufactured day. It may have started with good intentions, but commercialism has turned it into a travesty. Just like Valentine’s Day. Just like Christmas. Greeting cards and gifts one day a year are poor substitutes for showing love and caring throughout the year, just because.

Finding Our Way Back to the True Meaning of Mother’s Day

The day was intended to be a celebration of those people who are the glue that keeps a family together through all manner of strife, to recognize the efforts they make to improve conditions, not just for themselves, but for everyone. In this world where women are once again coming together, protesting poor decisions fueled by testosterone and greed, maybe it’s time we got back to the original reason behind Mother’s Day. Maybe we need to reinstate Ann Jarvis’ Mothers Friendship Clubs and make Mother’s Day a day of community service instead of greeting cards and flowers which ultimately end up in trash bins.

Always Being Grateful for Things Large and Small

My gratitudes tonight are:

  1. I’m grateful for the synchronicities which led me to research and write this piece.
  2. I’m grateful for women like those mentioned in this article who have helped restore peace and improve conditions without judgment or selection.
  3. I’m grateful for the relationship I have with my daughter which doesn’t require manufactured days of appreciation.
  4. I’m grateful for my friends with whom I’ll spend my second Mother’s Day in the hills overlooking our beautiful coastline.
  5. I’m grateful for abundance; love, joy, friendship, appreciation, peace, harmony, philanthropy, and prosperity.

Blessed Be

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History of Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day’s Surprisingly Dark History

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August 10, 2015 On Gratitude

How Can a Heart Help but Overflow with Blessings?

My daughter and son-in-law are sound asleep after a long day for me and a longer one for them. He left the house at 2:30 AM to go to his job as a Culinary Specialist with the Navy. She was up not many hours later completing the tasks which precede a few days away from home. Until a few moments ago, the only sounds were the fan in the bathroom, the humming of my laptop and of course, my fingernails tapping away at the keys. But since we’re within shouting distance of Disneyland’s main gate, the silence was broken by the explosions which accompany the nightly fireworks display. Something tells me the kids will wait until the end of the fireworks before trying to go to sleep for the remainder of our stay.

Though my day started earlier than normal with an unplanned trip to the vet for my 18-year-old calico whose claws had curled around and embedded themselves into her paw, I can still claim at least an hour more of sleep than my daughter, so here I sit, typing away in the not so dead of the night. And I’m realizing once again just how fortunate I am.

Today is the third anniversary of the kids’ wedding, and in spite of a boatload of challenges, they are still very much in love and very committed to each other. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am that my daughter found her best friend and had the good sense to marry him. She did not follow in my stumbling footsteps, but learned from her mistakes early on. To share in their celebration as well as enjoying a belated (or should I say, extended) celebration of my own 60th year makes me feel loved and cherished.

Funny, but as the fireworks continue to explode outside, a line from ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ popped into my head. “…and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air…” I can only imagine what is going through my son-in-law’s head after being in the Persian Gulf for 6 months, and in Afghanistan a few years ago. I do know that the explosions woke him from a sound sleep and he’s now sitting up, waiting for the show to end before going back to sleep. I can’t even imagine the thoughts and visions it conjures for him, or for that matter, for any of our service men and women.

So again, I feel blessed and very grateful that he and others like him choose a path which may put them in the line of fire, but they do so because they love our country and want to keep it and their loved ones safe. It isn’t an easy path, either for those serving or for their families. The hours are long, they spend many months away from home and their lives can change without any say on their part. When the orders say ‘go here’ or ‘go there’, that is what they must do. There will be family crises they can’t be there to handle, so wives, husbands and children have to call on loved ones or friends to fill the gap. I know I wouldn’t want to be on a ship somewhere in the middle of the ocean knowing that my wife/husband/daughter/son was having emergency surgery and I couldn’t be there. It must be torture knowing they can’t be there to help.

Yet again, I’ve gone off on a tangent. My topic of choice tonight was ‘Gratitude’, and it seems to have turned into a gratitude-fest for the men and women who serve, not only in our armed forces, but wherever there is danger or the need to protect, be it firefighters, police, or anyone else who willingly steps out against things which might cause us harm. Though other humans might constitute the biggest threat, Mother Nature can be as volatile as a PMS’ing woman (and face it, most women have been there at )least once in their lives! If you ask my kids, though, they’d probably say it was menopause that sent them running for cover). Just look at the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, or the wildfire which engulfed a good part of San Diego not long ago. Not to mention tsunami’s, earthquakes, and volcanoes which, in their day, turned cities and towns into so much rubble.

We have a lot of people to thank because any one of these, as devastating as they were at the time, could have been so much worse were it not for the people who stepped in and slowed the destruction despite Mother Earth’s best efforts to rid herself of a few of those parasitic humans who are heedlessly poisoning her water, air and soil.

While I’m enjoying a lovely few days with my kids, eating too much, soaking up the sun along with the water of Splash Mountain and Grizzly River Run, watching parades and fireworks and riding as many rides as we can fit in, I will find time throughout the day, reminded by the sacrifices these kids are making, to send up a bunch of gratitude for those who make it possible to live a life like mine. Won’t you join me?

My gratitudes tonight are:’
1. I am grateful for the people of this country, and in fact, all over the world who are essentially good.
2. I am grateful that there are some bad eggs from whom, if we’re smart, we’ll learn so that we can make this world a better place for everyone.
3. I am grateful for the evil in this world without whom I’d have to struggle to find believable traits for my antagonists.
4. I am grateful for a few days with my kids when we can all behave like kids again ourselves. Being an adult can be so overrated!
5. I am grateful for abundance, childish joy, giving, caring people, love, kindness, compassion, dedication, devotion, happiness, silliness, health, harmony, peace, prosperity and philanthropy.

Blessed Be

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