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September 19, 2014 Where does the day go???

I came home at about 8:30. I blinked, and here it is, midnight!

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, but today, I worked most of the day, and NOT on writing! Today was an accounting kind of day. In fact, if I think about it, I spent more time on accounting this week than normal! Sure, I needed to step back from the writing and wrap my head around the next thing I need to do, so I guess the Universe did its usual thing and “helped”! But I’m making myself a solemn promise that the weekend will be devoted to writing or pursuits associated with writing! It also doesn’t hurt that the accounting pays right now.

Admittedly, I spent part of the day playing a game on the computer, another part watching a couple of Castle re-runs, and a few minutes diving into one of the books I’d downloaded to my iPad. But accounting work was definitely the deal of the day. So here it is, after midnight, my blog post isn’t done yet and I have chores to finish before I sleep.

The days are getting shorter, I tell you!

You go to the market to buy some ice cream and are happy to see that the price hasn’t changed. That is, until you pick up what used to be a half gallon, and guess what? It isn’t any more! They made it smaller so they could keep the price the same, while making us believe we were getting a deal! Well, I believe it’s the same with time. Someone in the vast cosmos out there has tweaked time so a second is just a little shorter than it used to be. Shorter seconds mean shorter minutes which mean shorter hours which mean shorter days…well, I think you get the picture. I see no other reasonable explanation for how quickly time passes! When I get to the club where I dance around 6:00, I dance a couple of dances, blink twice, and three hours have passed! No wonder we rush around like decapitated poultry! We’re trying to fit 24 hours worth of stuff into 22 3/4 hours! If the time lords keep shaving our seconds, tomorrow will start before today has half a chance to finish!

This is when the power to stop time would come in very handy!

Say you have twelve absolutely essential items on your To Do list. You look at the time and you thought it was 3:00 PM on Monday, giving you plenty of time to finish. Instead, you discover it’s noon on Tuesday and you’ve already lost almost 24 hours! Now what? You pull out your handy dandy time freezer ray, and zap yourself a few hours in which to catch up! In the process, you pull a fast one on the Time Lords because the time they stole is being returned, nanosecond by nanosecond! Their theft is a devious way to make us believe we’re too busy to notice how they’re robbing us blind! Less time means we’re constantly in a rush, just to do the things we need to, much less, grab a few hours for the lost art of pleasure! Even the ones like me who no longer punch a time clock are behind the eight ball half the time.

I have certain things I’ve tasked myself with every day: Meditation, one card tarot reading, answering email, doing some kind of writing, even if it’s just blogging, and a few other things which, individually and collectively take time. Despite the fact that I’m finding myself getting up earlier and earlier, I still find I’m running short of time, or rushing through one thing or another just to get it all in. The anal accountant in me decided to move my To Do list from Word to Excel so I could actually track things like time, word count and completion rates. This week, alone, I’m finding that my blog posts are getting a bit shorter and my meditations are as well.

Sure, I took care of some things which I’d put off and am getting better organized–working smarter, not harder, but why should I have to keep restructuring my time and my work load because someone is stealing my minutes, a fraction of a second at a time? It is simply preposterous that nobody in the world has caught on to this devious plot to make us think we have more time than we do! I want my full half gallon of ice cream, thankyouverymuch! And do not tell me that it will cost me more for the same thing! But seriously, am I the only one who notices that time is shorter? Has the rest of the world been blissfully brain washed?

There is a silver lining in this time stealing cloud. If everyone else is oblivious, I can develop my time freezing device without any outside interference or competition. Could you just see it if fifty people were trying to find ways to freeze time? Eventually, we’d be running into ourselves, assuming all of those theories about not being able to be in the same place as yourself without fouling up the space-time continuum aren’t true. I could just see everyone standing on a hill top, time freezing devices of every shape and color clutched tightly in our clenched fists as we argue over whose turn it is to freeze time now! At some point, we’d all have to just stop and stare at each other in confusion. “What day did we stop time? How long was it stopped? What day is it now and did you remember to pick up a loaf of bread and some milk?”

But the world as we see it today is already crazy enough.

I suppose, for the sake of humanity, I will have to lock my time freezing ray safely away, and, join those who, like the lemmings, accept things at face value. I shall increase the pace on my hamster wheel and pretend I don’t know that time is crashing down on us before our very eyes!

A small disclaimer here: For those who took any part of this post seriously, please know that most of it was written with my tongue lodged firmly in my cheek. It’s up to you to figure out which parts weren’t. Mwahahahahaha!

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful that I can find the humor in just about anything.
2. I am grateful for the paying work I had this week.
3. I am grateful for all of the people in my life, as I learn something from each and every one of them!
4. I am grateful for productive days, even when what I produce isn’t what I really want to be accomplishing. Each task I undertake has its own value, and as such, makes my life better.
5. I am grateful for abundance: humor, joy, love, silliness, harmony, peace, imagination, fun and prosperity.


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