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January 15, 2015 Tarot Spells: Opinions are a Real Mixed Bag

I posted a question about Tarot Spells in a Tarot Professionals group and got more than I bargained for.

A week or so ago, just for grins, I performed two spells out of a book I have, called, coincidentally, “Tarot Spells”. One was “for help in drawing out creative abilities, gaining inspiration and fresh ideas” while the other was “to attract money and prosperity from expected and unexpected sources.” I won’t go into a lot of background about how I came to have this book or why I decided to actually use it, because that’s not the point of today’s post.

Having failed to recognize any results from my spells, and, instead, facing an unknown plumbing bill due to a sudden leak which filled my kitchen and garage with water, I posted a question in a Tarot group. Interestingly enough, I got a call from a former client shortly after I posted my query, and subsequently learned that the cause of the plumbing leak was fairly minor and relatively inexpensive. I’d also caught the problem soon after it began and was able to get the water turned off before major damage could occur.

But I digress. I figured my post would be one of those things people looked at in passing, then moved on. Nothing could have been further from the truth! Many opinions were offered from disparaging remarks about using someone else’s words to do a spell to a woman who took offense because I said her story reminded me of the one about the man and the cow, to some very insightful suggestions. All in all, it turned out to be a very interesting dialogue and I even learned a couple of things. I also learned that some folks just have very strong opinions about using spells or Tarot or both.

What do I think, you might ask.

For me, anything which is even remotely connected to one’s spirituality is quite individual. You have to trust your own heart to help you decide what does and does not make sense to you. My response to the man who felt I was wrong to use someone else’s words was that I wouldn’t have used them had they not felt right to me. I also pointed out that people have been using spells written by others for centuries. I guess some people believe they aren’t effective unless you write them yourself (which, on many occasions, I have).

What, then, did I learn from this experience?

I learned that there are probably at least as many opinions on how to express one’s spirituality as there are definitions of spirituality itself. I also learned that the best advice I could give would be to follow your own heart and trust your own instincts. Others may have an opinion, and that opinion does have value, but you must remember that it is based on their own experiences, and those experiences are not yours.

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful that I’ve learned to listen to what others think but to ultimately trust myself.
2. I am grateful for spells which work, and the patience to allow them to do so in their own time.
3. I am grateful for a busy, productive week.
4. I am grateful for friends who stick together and support each other.
5. I am grateful for abundance; energy, friends, love, joy, fulfilling spirituality, harmony, peace, health and prosperity.

Blessed Be

December 9, 2014 Can a physical reorganization help to re-set the mind and spirit as well?

How does a life reboot really start?

I have a spiritual shelf. I have mentioned it on several occasions and have even included this picture more than once. 3f968-spiritualshelf But today, after doing my daily tarot reading and reading Elizabeth Peru’s Daily Global Tip-off for today, something prompted me to re-arrange the shelf.

OK, I’ll admit, it wasn’t merely “something”. As I might have mentioned, I recently changed the format of my daily Tarot Card reading. When I first started, I pulled one card from my Spiral Tarot and wrote something for each of the categories, I see, I feel and I think. As time went on, I started adding a card from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Oracle cards. Fast forward to earlier this year when I started looking at the card I cut when I replaced the Tarot card into the deck. During each evolution, I looked at all of the cards pulled to see if there was a common thread. Sometimes there was and sometimes there wasn’t.

Out with the old and in with the new!

There came a point in mid-November when I felt that the Angel Oracle cards were no longer serving me. At that point, I decided to make use of the rest of the Tarot decks I’d purchased over the years but never used (with the exception, I admit, of the Rider-Waite deck which I just don’t “feel”!  Though, as I re-read this sentence, I realize that I must, at some point, give R-W another chance.). But since I’d gotten into the habit of pulling two cards from different decks, I decided that the second pull would be from my old, familiar Spiral Tarot. I continued with the reading of the cut card, but this time, from both decks.

Which leads me to today’s sudden need to reorganize what is, essentially a small space but with a huge amount of energy. I pulled a deck from the shelf which happened to be in a flimsy white box. This may only be significant to people who’ve purchased Tarot decks, but typically, this type of packaging is used when the deck is accompanied by a book. After completing my reading, I decided to find the book which belonged with the deck (which, in case you’re interested is the Romanian Tarot, a deck in which the characters are portrayed as Gypsies).

As you can see from the picture above, the shelf had become a helter-skelter mess of books on a variety of spiritual topics from Tarot to Laws of Attraction to Psychic abilities to Kabbalah, though, until I started pulling the books and decks down, I didn’t quite realize what a collection I’d amassed.

When a reorganization becomes a revelation.

As I removed book after book from the shelf, I found myself saying over and over “So that’s where I put it!” and “I didn’t realize I had that( that many) books on that subject!” After a couple of iterations, I put everything back, but left “The Secret” and “The Laws of Attraction” books in front at first, before realizing that what I wanted was to have the front layer of books all relative to Tarot, with my decks filling in the empty spaces. Surprisingly, there was exactly enough space to accommodate my decision. Spiritual shelf-revised

Meanwhile, when I found that I had several books on Kabbalah hidden on the back of the shelf as well as a copy of the Holy Scriptures, I retrieved other books I’d purchased more recently to put all books on the topic together behind the Tarot books. Also hidden behind the Tarot books and cards is my complete collection of “Laws of Attraction” books and “The Secret” as well as books on psychicness and Wicca. The end result was that I re-familiarized myself with what, precisely, is in my collection. And again, everything fit perfectly.

Something else which practically jumped off the shelf while I was relocating and consolidating my collection of books dealing with spirituality in one way or another was an old, dog-eared copy of “Seth Speaks”. This book actually has a double significance to me, as it was the first series I read about channeling, and was probably where my interest was first piqued to eventually do so myself. But the book also came up in discussion with my massage therapist and friend a couple of weeks ago. Something tells me the time has come to revisit my old friend.

Sometimes, dissatisfaction with where you are or where you’re going is the strongest motivator to change.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of soul searching lately about where I was, how my income generation was going and whether I was still on the path I needed to follow. The biggest question was, “Is copywriting really for me, and why am I really pursuing it?” The biggest question was whether I was pursuing it, albeit sporadically, because it was something I really felt called to do or because it has a better potential for generating revenue. When I realized it was the latter, I knew it was not the means to the end I seek. But where do I go from here?

Yesterday’s vet bill brought it home to me that I am still a long way from making expenses, and that my bank accounts and investments won’t carry me through forever. But I have not yet lost faith in my ability to do what I love, make a difference in the world and be financially stable (which includes, I have to add, large donations to organizations like Cat House on the Kings). I even found myself looking for property for sale which would give me a large house in a piece of property which would afford me the space to create an artist’s colony and a cat rescue. I found and printed out a place which has a 2200 square foot house and 13 acres overlooking the beach between Ventura and Santa Barbara. Though it wasn’t the mountainous, self-contained place I’d originally envisioned, it is actually even better! My affinity with the sea and my love of open spaces would both be met. The pictures are now on my Vision Board (and a few things which don’t belong have been moved).

My stomach is bouncing in anticipation of a buckle-your-seat-belt-and-hold-on-tight, E-ticket kind of ride.

I am a strong believer in synchronicity and know deep in my gut that all of these seemingly disjointed changes and shifts are signalling an even greater one, sooner rather than later. I was about to say, “I only hope I’m up to the challenge” when I realized that if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have chosen today to start reorganizing and preparing to do some reading. In fact, as I look at the shelf beside my spiritual shelf, I see possibilities for more reorganization, this time with the reference books I’ve been collecting that relate to writing.

And now, my entire body is tingling with anticipation!

As they say in New Orleans: laissez les bons temps rouler!

My gratitudes today are:
1. I am grateful for synchronicity.
2. I am grateful for nudges from the Universe to rethink and reorganize.
3. I am grateful for the faith I’ve kept for over a year now in my abilities to do what I want and need to do.
4. I am grateful for the time to devote to my health, my animals and my family.
5. I am grateful for love because it is truly what unites us all.
6. I am grateful for abundance: love, joy, inspiration, guidance, anticipation, evolution, changes, challenges, harmony, peace, health and prosperity.


October 22, 2014 Kicking the ADHD into overdrive #shericonaway #blogboost

What do I talk about? Where do I start? Oh, that stir fry looks yummy! Was it worth 2 1/2 hours in the kitchen?

I’m going to start out this post with an apology, because I have no idea where it will go from here. I’m so wound up, my mind is flying in about 52 different directions, and spending time cooking and logging the recipe in MyFitnessPal not once, but four times, isn’t helping. I also started the day with a fellow ADHD friend while she did my nails and we solved the problems of the world together. To make a long story short, I am in the groove to chase topics from one end of the Universe to the other, so buckle your seat belts and hang on. It will be an interesting ride, if nothing else, tonight.

As you’ve probably heard by now, Tuesday is Harvest Box day. This week’s treats included a couple of things I’ve never tried and a new version of an old vegetable. The Kabocha squash was totally delightful baked with cinnamon, sstir fry in progress 10-22-14ugar, coconut oil, nutmeg and ginger, but my piece de resistance was the amazing stir fry I concocted tonight. Here is a picture of my work in progress earlier this evening.  Of course, I performed true to form and underestimated the size of my pan…or overestimated vegetable shrinkage.  Either way, I was forced to rethink my cooking methodology.  I have, somewhere, a wonderful wok which fits on a ring on top of the stove, but unable to locate it, I went with second best in the form of an electric wok I had in my storage room in the garage.  Fortunately, no further adjustments were needed as the vegetable shrinkage was sufficient for the larger, more appropriate pan.  Stir fry nearly done 10-22-14

Although the process required significantly more time than I’d estimated, the two and a half hours of prep and cooking time was well spent. I did, however, experience some frustration loading it into MyFitnessPal. Halfway through, my iPad went to sleep, and all of my previous effort was lost. I re-entered it but forgot an ingredient and used the wrong serving size, but their system seemed to feel the need to cough up a hairball on this recipe. It just meant that I had to recreate it on my desktop later, but as there are 9 servings in my refrigerator, neatly packed in single serving containers, I’ll appreciate the effort when I can just insert a serving of my recipe into my food journal, just as I have with the veggistrone, the squash and the mish mosh.

I got to talking exercise with my totally awesome friend and manicurist today. She’s been taking part in a boot camp and the things she can do now put me to shame! Yet, when I talked about the Pilates class I’ve been attending, she asked to come and try it out. My regular day and teacher aren’t going to work for her this time, so I broke the promise I’d made to myself to take tomorrow off so we can go to the Thursday class together. Suddenly, those lofty goals of actually getting in shape and staying there are reaching a toe outside of the Twilight Zone and touching it ever-so-gingerly into what constitutes my unique version of reality.

This veggie-full diet and exercise intensive lifestyle are about as far from my comfort zone as its possible to get without taking up sky diving or actually launching my website. (and after an email I got today, that may happen sooner rather than later too!). Dare I ask what I’ll be jumping into next?

Today’s meditation was interesting too. I had just reached that lovely, floaty state when Munchkin decided, rather belatedly, to take her place on my lap. Once she settled herself, I found that it was remarkably easy to return to my meditative state, only to be jerked out again when Scrappy Doo decided he needed to take part as well. Once again, I easily drifted back in and when all was said and done, had a very nice, hour and a quarter meditation. I’ve been using crystals a lot lately; most often, one or another of my heart stones and a quartz point. That may or may not have contributed to today’s ease, but I have a feeling the stones will follow me for awhile, just to be on the safe side.

Time to make some changes (as if there aren’t enough in my life already?)

For several months now, I have done a daily, one card Tarot reading and a one card Angel Oracle reading, both to give me some perspective and to open the door to my guides and angels for insight and direction. I have been using my favorite, tried and true Spiral Tarot and my Angel Oracle deck all this time, letting the process evolve unto itself. (just looked at the clock and it was 11:11 again!) Anyway, squirrels and shiny things aside, as time went on, I started paying more attention to how the two cards related, and finally, began looking at and documenting the card I cut to when I was replacing my Tarot card back in the deck after the reading.

Today, I took things one step further and substituted my Wizard Tarot for the Spiral Tarot, and the Messages from the Angels cards for the Angel Oracle Cards. Not knowing what to expect, or if I’d even get messages I understood, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could still see, feel and think fairly lucidly by looking at the Tarot Card. Even more, the two cards did, indeed, relate, and the cut card most definitely clarified the original card pulled.

Though it might seem like a small thing to many, changing decks after reading from only the second deck I’d every used, and for so many years. is a HUGE step outside of my comfort zone. Which prompts me, yet again, to ask: “What’s next? despite the fact that I know I risk one of the Universe’s famous head slaps, at best, just for asking. But I’m feeling brave (read “foolish) right now, and am opening myself to more and more possibilities. If I don’t take a few chances now, I’m going to find myself stagnating again, and that is simply unacceptable.

Let us embrace the changes which come into our lives, and allow them to bring us riches beyond our imaginings, knowledge of things both great and small, and wonders which were once simply things to be imagined.

As promised, or perhaps “warned” is a better word, I have wandered from hither to yon and a few uncharted locales tonight, so I will, without further ado, share tonight’s gratitudes with you as I bring this demonstration of ADD run amok to a close.
1. I am grateful for a mind that races from topic to topic as I am never bored with my own company and thoughts.
2. I am grateful for friends who also have brains that run amok because, not only can they understand me, they can also keep up.
3. I am grateful for healthy food and healthy habits. My body is reveling in all of the movement, my sleep is better, albeit shorter, and my attitude is 1000% better.
4. I am grateful for the miracles my friends have experienced this week, whether it’s the returning health of a beloved puppy, increased mobility after surgery, breakthroughs in problems they’ve been facing, improvements in their life routines…the happy energy is felt by all.
5. I am grateful for a refrigerator and freezer full of healthy, low calorie meals which will feed me well as I dive into the last weeks of the year with enthusiasm, drive and the realization that they are going to fly by swiftly and be full of wonderful surprises.
6. I am grateful for abundance: healthy meals, caring friends, more movement of my body, healthier habits, inspiration, motivation, assurances that I’m on the right track, love, health, harmony, peace and prosperity.


September 15, 2014 I wrote, I edited…now what?

There was a time when I would write and write, keeping my precious babe safe within my own arms, and perhaps, those of a select few. That moment has passed.

So I wrote the first 50,000 words of the novel in less than 30 days. I wrote the next 18,000 words in the next couple of months, then spent about 6 months editing, fleshing out, and reworking the rough draft into about 98,000 words. Now what?

In truth, I took a few weeks off, visited my daughter a couple of times, read a number of books by some of my favorite authors, and just took time to breathe. But one can only sit and breathe for so long before it’s time to get back onto that superhighway we call life and make something amazing happen!

Movin’ on with a little help from my friends.

Very gently, I began soliciting readers who might give me constructive criticism, not so much on grammatical issues, but on content, flow and whether I have something going for me, or need to return to the drawing board. Slowly; possibly due to my own hesitancy about baring my baby’s soul; I found people who were willing to read and critique my work. But I think the real turning point has come in the last few days. First, I found a friend of my daughter’s who has been doing some editing and was willing to take on my “child”. But the real opportunity to get the heck out of my comfortable, safe, rejection-free mausoleum came tonight when I finally bit the bullet and attended a Read and Critique with a local writer’s group. They had some great advice while refraining from ripping the whole first chapter to shreds. I also got a taste of what each of them was working on, and definitely felt like the new kid on the block! But as I tell new dancers, we were all beginners once! One lady offered to read the first three chapters and be brutal, if need be, which, right now, I really do need!

As I know that this is the right direction for me to take at this point, I’ve already RSVP’d for next week’s session, and am going to block it out on my calendar for awhile. This is a group of people who were once where I am, and who are encouraging not only the experienced, published writers, but those like me who are just starting out. Not that I haven’t written for most of my life, but until my blog, the bulk of it was for my eyes only.

Fledglings must learn to fly, and the first step is usually pretty frightening!

I know that if I’m really going to make a go of this massive career change, I have to leave the nest, the comfort zone behind, gather my courage, leave my ego, and just take those first stumbling steps which will ultimately send me airborne! Surprisingly, it wasn’t as nerve-wracking as I’d suspected, sharing even a small piece of my “baby” with strangers. I realized that they’re not out to smother her or my desire to write, but to help me make her stronger, better and above all, more marketable. I’m sure they’ve all certainly made their share of false starts, and are willing to share what they’ve learned with others. Heck, I may even learn that I’ve categorized it incorrectly, and that will also be helpful. I will be the first to admit that there’s far more about the publishing industry that I don’t know than that I do. (Although I did get a very nice complement about my editing skills). Now, I have the opportunity to learn what works, what doesn’t, how to find a publisher for my particular type of work, and who knows what else?

If it sounds like I’m very excited about this next phase, I admit, I am. But I’ll also have to admit that I’m very pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t sure what to expect tonight, but it was an excellent beginning to a new learning experience. Even better, at least three of the people who where there have published, and I will be able to read what they’ve written and sold! How great is that?

Even more amazing than my experience tonight is that I managed to stay on topic for quite a long spell before the ADHD kicked in. It does happen occasionally, when I’m really excited about something. The hyperactive energy is channeled into my excitement, I guess.

As one thing led to another, I mentioned that I was an Empath, because it was an explanation as to why a particular piece resonated with me. Speaking with the author of the piece afterwards, she revealed that she, too, is an Empath, and asked me what I’m doing with it. I had to admit that my one foray into healing wasn’t entirely successful (though it did give me the courage to quit doing work that was sucking me dry in favor of work I loved, even if it wasn’t fiscally responsible in the short term). I realize that the place, the time and the question were put before me intentionally, and will end up devoting considerable to finding a better answer to the question, even if it means leaving my comfort zone in yet another direction.

Both information from my daily Tarot readings and just gut feelings lately have indicated rapid and massive changes. I think what I’m seeing right now is just the tip of the iceberg as to what those changes will be and more, where they’ll be taking me. If only my memory and my fingers can keep up with my imagination. In fact, I’ve already decided to do the NaNoWriMo challenge again in November!

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for opportunities which turn out even better than I would have imagined.
2. I am grateful for successful people who are willing to help others find that success.
3. I am grateful for new learning experiences.
4. I am grateful to have found people to edit my first work.
5. I am grateful for abundance: health, happiness, love, motivation, imagination, guidance, hope, health, harmony, peace, meaningful work and prosperity.


August 4, 2014 Letting down my hair

A hairy topic…and what’s ahead.  August 4, 2014 Letting down my hair.

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