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Getting Out of the Rut and Making the Life You Deserve

Seeing Changes and Knowing They’re Good

I’ve been in my current human form for the better part of 61 years yet I’m beginning to realize that for the much of that time, I was simply plodding from one day to the next, having little impact on the world around me and accomplishing little. I’d fallen into the societal trap of working at a job which offers a decent living, doing repetitive things, be it work, play or chores and errands.

I’d like to stay I began to wake up over the last 15 or 20 years, and that would certainly be true, but progress, up until the last 2 or 3 has been decidedly slow. Sure, I watched “The Secret” a few times, read “Laws of Attraction” in several of its forms and practiced positivity. I definitely made some improvements to myself but nothing of any real significance. That is, until I started taking a healing class on the recommendation of my massage therapist.

That class may not have launched my career as a healer, but it made me take some good, hard looks at myself and my life, and frankly, I wasn’t exactly pleased with the naked truth. My life was boring and predictable, uncreative and unremarkable. 4 months into the healing course, I decided to trust my gut for a change and quit my boring and soul-sucking 9-5 accounting job to launch my writing career.

Anyone who follows this blog pretty much knows how that’s been going. I’m certainly putting a lot of words on screen, but except for articles I publish on the website of the photographer I’ve begun working with, publication is still an unrequited dream. My inner critic is still stronger than I’d like despite the compliments I do get on some of my pieces. My ability to actually finish something longer than a blog post or article is still shaky at best. But I am making progress.

Yet, in my own way, I was still plodding along in a predictable and boring pattern. I get up, I exercise sometimes, I do my errands on the same day every week and dance on the same nights in the same place. In short, my brain and soul were itching to break out of this self-imposed rut.

Learning to Ride and Thrive with the Changes

A couple things happened over the last 4 months to get me moving again. First, I got tired of chronic pain and went in search of both a diagnosis and a solution. The nearly 3 months of physical therapy has not only given me no small amount of relief but has me exercising more regularly and moving much more freely.

Enter my photographer friend, Jesse. Towards the end of last year, she hired me to write some posts for her website. After attending a couple of events together, she realized she’d rather put her efforts into taking photographs and avoid having to write the accompanying story so she offered the job to me. It’s a perfect match as we both get to do what we love, plus we bring different administrative and marketing skills to the table, creating a very effective synergy.

Body issues also served to remind me that I’m not in the best of physical shape, but in a chicken or the egg kind of scenario, I figured that stressing out over money was a huge factor. After attending one of John Assaraf’s Brain-a-thons, I signed up for Winning the Game of Money and became part of a community of ambitious, supportive people.

It was a no-brainer for me when John offered an 11-day weight loss challenge. I lost a few pounds, improved my eating habits, starting eating more of the veggies from my weekly box and between the two programs, was feeling a whole lot better and more energetic. Better still was the improvement in my sleep and the drastic improvements in my pain levels, strength and flexibility. The icing on the cake was when I won one of the two subscriptions given out for the Winning the Game of Weight Loss program.

I am now starting week 11 of the WTGOM program and week 2 of WTGOWL (technically, I spent about 3 weeks on Level 1 because of the challenge). I’m learning to say “releasing fat” instead of “losing weight” because losing implies that you’ll eventually find it again. As most people who’ve spent years of their lives dieting know, it’s often an endless cycle of losing some and gaining more. I didn’t get to be 233 pounds at my highest by accident, I assure you. Thankfully, the last time I “lost weight” I actually did manage to keep some of it off, but I’m a long ways from my healthy place. The difference is, this time, I’m more confident about getting and staying there.

Finding Someone New and Exciting, and That Someone is Me

But this isn’t really a testimonial for John’s programs, but a picture of my own evolution. The last piece is the afore-mentioned friend and photographer, Jesse. She’s dragged me along, sometimes kicking and screaming on her own quest to work with Food Network. To my surprise, and to the especial surprise of my inner hermit, I’m having a blast. While she runs around with her camera photographing everything, I’m in amongst the people, talking, asking questions and generally having a great time. I don’t know how this happened as I’ve always thought of myself as a loner and someone who just doesn’t do well with people. Maybe on some levels that’s still true, but I know now that it doesn’t have to stay that way.

I’m learning that when people see someone with a notebook taking notes, they’re curious. When they find out you’re a writer/journalist, many are anxious to talk and share.

This weekend, we attended what was publicized as a beer event, but also featured about 20 food trucks. But these weren’t just any food trucks! Each and every one of them was owned and operated by chefs…not cooks, but chefs. One of them was a collaboration of 3 who had recently left the restaurant where they all worked. Their exit took the executive chef, chef de cuisine and pastry chef, and ultimately one of the cooks as well. You know it’s not about the money when three high level chefs turn their skills to running a food truck! They have a passion and a dream.

And that’s where I’m reminded I do too, and that I’m not going to realize them by sitting in my house day after day, maybe pounding away at this keyboard. I’m not going to find it going out on the same nights every week to the same place and seeing the same people who may or may not care whether I’m there or not, and it doesn’t really matter either way.

I’m going to find it by, for now, helping my friend chase her dream because in helping her, I’m giving myself a gift I didn’t even know I wanted or deserved. I’m gaining confidence, learning how to get people to talk about themselves, feeling the passion from those who do have the sense to follow what their heart wants. And I’m stretching those writing chops of mine into unknown directions where I just have to fake it ’til I make it. Except I realized tonight, I’m no longer faking it. I’m really loving the new directions, the places we’re going, the people I’m talking to. This is my new adventure, and the best part of it is that I really don’t know where it’s going to take me, and it doesn’t matter!

GOYA (Get off your Ass)

Though I wouldn’t recommend quitting your 9-5 job like I did, without a real plan or source of income, I’d definitely suggest you take a good, hard look at what you’re doing with your life and how it makes you feel. If you have settled into a life of sameness, make sure that’s what you really want, and if it isn’t, start by making small changes. Most important, find people who align with what you really want, and help them chase their dream until yours comes around and smacks you in the face.

My gratititudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for my friend, Jesse who drags me out of my comfort zone on a regular basis.
2. I am grateful to John and the NeuroGym team who are helping me improve my health, my outlook, my ambition, my drive and how I’m spending my time these days.
3. I am grateful to the friends and family who cheer me on, egg me on and kick my butt when I need it. Without the encouragement, I would still be existing instead of living.
4. I am grateful for my writing skills and my constant efforts to improve them; sometimes by studying, but more often by just exercising the muscle in a variety of ways.
5. I am grateful for abundance; love, friendship, inspiration, motivation, community, peace, harmony, healthy, philanthropy and prosperity.

Blessed Be

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Who Else Has the Holiday Blahs?

I Can’t Get into the Holidays This Year

There, I’ve said it. My Christmas spirit is about the same as the song lyrics playing right now on my Pandora “…dead, dead and gone.” OK, so Blood, Sweat and Tears’ song is a lot more upbeat than the line implies. Nevertheless, it fits the idea that my typical excitement about the holidays has floundered.

Perhaps it’s because my only concession to decorating this year is the annual Trader Joe’s wreath on my front door. But logically, as I’m spending Christmas with my daughter and son-in-law this year instead of them spending it with me, it makes perfect sense. I’m sure the cats would disagree as they thoroughly enjoy chasing ornaments around the house this time of year.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m as happy as ever and am following the tradition of lighting the Chanukah candles every night. I just can’t get into the preparations, and it’s affecting everything else as well.

The other night, I pulled out all of the wrapping paraphernalia after rearranging my living room furniture. A couple of night’s later, I took everything out of it’s mailing envelope and checked my orders to see what I’m still missing. Now everything sits on top of my card table waiting for me to do something…anything with it.

Gone, the Joy of Annual Crazy Wrapping

I think my mind has yet to wrap itself around the idea that stockings won’t be hung on the entry wall with care this year and there won’t be the mess on my living room floor where wrapping paper is tossed for cats to play hide ‘n seek in. The idea of loading everything up in my car seems to have killed the buzz I get from dreaming up new and different ways to annoy my kids.

Lean Years Shouldn’t be Mean Years

There were plenty of lean years when my daughters were growing up; years when many of their gifts were hand made and often not especially pretty. But they loved it all because I did my best to make it fun. The fact that this year is lean as a result of building my freelance business shouldn’t change that. And yet, in some ways, I think it does.

Doing hand made stuff for my daughter seems pointless since anything I might do, she does better. She’s creative and innovative and she’s actually good at artistic stuff. I’m not. Words are my art and it’s not like I could write a story for her by Christmas and have it bound all nice and pretty. I don’t even have time to clean up “Frederick the Gentlemouse” which is more than half written, by then.

Where oh Where Did my Mojo Go?

So I’ve sat, night after night, watching Christmas movies on Hallmark channel until they no longer hold my attention. I was supposed to be wrapping but so far, I’ve not gotten any paper unrolled or cut nor the stuff on my table put into boxes. What I have done is what you see right now. I’ve done what I usually do when faced with a problem or mood I want to shake. I’ve written about it, shared it and dragged the causes and reasons from the depths of my somewhat twisted soul.

As I type, I realize that part of the problem has been my concern over my elderly cat, Patches, who has been ill for the last week or so. What started as lack of appetite has gone through several stages after learning that her liver enzyme numbers were off the chart. She seemed to get worse and I finally took her off the antibiotics which were upsetting her stomach and killing what little was left of her appetite.

Thankfully, she’s finally eating, if smaller amounts, but I offer her food about 3 times a day so all in all, she’s probably getting as much or more than she was, and the vomiting has stopped. Like anyone who has been that sick, she just wants to hide and sleep. I keep finding her curled up on a pile of stuffed animals in my closet. When she does come out, she likes to curl up on my bed where the rest of my brood gather around offering comfort (as long as food isn’t involved. Toby, Scrappy and Pye would just as soon scarf down her food as comfort her, the little piggies!). I think that until I know she’s out of the woods (and each vet I speak to has more words of dubious cheer to offer) I’m going to be a few quarts low on my holiday spirit.

If you’re still reading this, I want to thank you for reading my petty rant. I do know I’m not alone in having to dig down deep to find my holiday spirit, though, thankfully, my usual joy and positivity is still intact. There’s something about the world saying “you need to be joyful” that makes people want to stomp their foot like a two-year-old and say petulantly, Don’t tell me how to feel!

Speaking of positivity, I’m finding myself rewording my thoughts at the strangest times. I was driving between errands today and when I passed the offramp for Costco, I glanced at my gauge and thought I don’t need gas. After a second, I changed it to I’m good for gas and finally, I have sufficient gas. I’ve got myself so well trained that I even correct casual thoughts now. I guess that’s a good thing when you consider the Laws of Attraction. Thoughts can and do become things.

On that note, I’ll leave you with my gratitudes:
1. I am grateful that Patches is finally keeping food and water down.
2. I am grateful for my writing when I need to work something out.
3. I am grateful for the people who read my posts; even the ones I know are rather tedious.
4. I am grateful I cleared my mental path so I can move forward, getting things accomplished the rest of the week.
5. I am grateful for abundance: love, ambition, support, friendship, encouragement given and received, joy, hope, health, peace, harmony, philanthropy and prosperity.

Blessed Be

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Be Careful What You Browse For

The Obvious Choice isn’t Necessarily the Right Choice

My browser history now contains a porn site. Where has my writing taken me that I needed a porn site, you might ask. I can reply with complete honesty that I am not planning a trip to the dark side of 50 Shades of Meh fan fiction any time soon.

This particular side trip started out perfectly innocently. My elderly cat, Patches has developed a rather eerie yowl of late, but more often than not, she’ll emit this worrisome vocalization when I’m in the middle of something. By the time I go back to my bedroom to investigate, she’s crawled back under my bed and refuses to emerge. On the few occasions I have been able to reach her in time, I’ve checked her over thoroughly and found no areas where she’s experiencing pain.

I’d heard about a site for animals similar to Web MD so I typed in “” And that’s where the trouble began. I was about to use their search box to look for an explanation for yowling when my eye caught a particularly racy photo and my brain said methinks we have stumbled upon a purveyor of erotica and other adult entertainment. Since it was unlikely they would have information on cat yowling unless there is a market for it in the furry scene, I used the search box to locate the proper site and put it from my mind.

But now, I have a porn site in my browser history. Of course, I can erase the history, but it’s usually an all-or-nothing kind of transaction.

Refocusing My Attraction

On a completely different topic (by now, you should expect no less from me) I realized today that as I work on refocusing my business plan, I continue to attract people (in droves, even) whose mantra is: “I don’t have enough money for that.” It finally dawned on me today that I’m sending out that vibe myself. It was a very obvious reminder that I need to make a mantra of a quote that’s hanging on my vision board and repeat it to myself several times a day.

I Have Everything I Need and Nothing That I Don’t

I could even expand on it by adding: “I have everything I need to accomplish every single one of my goals, be it publishing my novels, purchasing quality cover art, hiring a decent editor, increasing my marketing efforts, finishing my remodel…the possibilities are endless. I simply need to open my virtual toolbox and make each thing happen in its time.

Of course, whenever my mind drifts to the remodel, I see myself moving with all of the cats to another location. And since I’m moving, I’ve found someplace which is perfect for fulfilling all of the dreams I have right now, plus many I have yet to dream. Completing the remodel will leave me with a piece of rental property as I won’t need to sell my current home to buy the property of my dreams. Do you see what I just did?

I started with a single statement about having everything I need. That one felt so good I moved on to being able to accomplish all of my goals and, in fact, give some business to other people because I have enough to do that. From there, I moved on to completing the remodel which led to the big wazoo, my piece of property overlooking the ocean which is big enough to build an artist’s retreat and rescue animals. Right now I’m feeling like I am unstoppable and all because I recognized a lesson and did what was necessary to put a lesson into practice.

Being the “Like” I Want to Attract

When all is said and done, if we want to attract something or someone, we need to focus on embodying the qualities of what we want to attract. When I start floundering or take my eyes off the prize, the Universe is there to remind me, subtly at first, then more forcefully if I prove denser than usual. It’s a partnership I cherish and have cause to appreciate more and more with each passing day.

What Can You Do Today to Better Attract What You Desire?

Do you find yourself attracting the same things all the time? Are they the opposite of what you want to attract? Feel free to use my mantra (courtesy of Zac Brown) to reprogram your internal magnet. It only takes a minute to move back onto the path of abundance.

My gratitudes today are:
1. I am grateful for lessons from the Universe.
2. I am grateful I learned the value of gratitude.
3. I am grateful for all of the positive things in my life.
4. I am grateful for friends who help me recognize when I’m going down a slippery slope.
5. I am grateful for abundance; friendship, lessons, opportunities, insight, diligence, perseverance, new ideas, old ideas, encouragement, peace, harmony, love, health, philanthropy and prosperity.

Blessed Be

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September 26, 2015 You Never Want to Hear Your Own Words From Someone Else’s Mouth

Oft-Uttered Words Hit Pierced My Heart

Tonight I was chatting with a couple of girl friends while waiting for the next line dance set when one of them made a comment which froze my blood in my veins, not because it was frightening or heinous, but because it was one I’d oft-repeated myself. Hearing it from her made me realize just how ludicrous the statement was. Not only that, I realized that I’m in good company in sharing the utterly false belief she voiced.

The words she spoke were Oh, I don’t attract anyone. If I had a nickel or even a penny for every time I’d made that ridiculous and utterly false statement, I’d be a very wealthy woman. It brought home to me the fact that there must be far too many women who blame their singleness on their own inability to attract someone when the reality is something completely different.

Many years after the fact, I learned on more than one occasion that someone was indeed interested/attracted to me but I just didn’t understand the signs. Because I’m not expecting anyone to be attracted to me, I’m completely oblivious when they are. Though I’m sure none of them went to great lengths to try and let me know how they felt, assuming I understood the rules of the game and would respond appropriately if I shared their interest, it bothers me that others besides myself have such a false assessment of their own situations.

This particular friend is attractive, smart, independent (I know, that one can sometimes be the kiss of death, but frankly, I have no patience for women who need a man more than life itself!), happy, friendly and altogether delightful. There is no reason on earth why she shouldn’t be attracting all manner of the male of the species…except for that one, single self-defeating statement.

As single women, especially those of us on the north side of 50, we’ve often spent a number of years raising kids, growing our careers and, in many cases caring for aging parents. We don’t have time for the sophomoric games we probably weren’t even interested in when were were 20-somethings. Those of us who don’t find it necessary to actively seek a mate enjoy the company of friends, have interests which take us outside the home, and wonder of wonders, are comfortable in our own company as well.

That does not mean we wouldn’t enjoy the attention and maybe even return it under the right circumstances. But as we have been managing our own lives for so long, we often don’t know the subtle signs that say “Hey, cutie, I’m interested in you. Can you give me a sign so I know whether it’s safe to approach you?” You might have to actually walk over and introduce yourself or ask for a dance. Most of us have learned not to crush a man by declining an invitation unless we have a really good reason like we’re about to leave or someone already asked or we’ve been on the dance floor for 30 minutes straight and just need a break. In the last case, we’ll usually make it clear that if they ask later, we’d love to dance with them. (and in my experience, most, if not all of them do come back).

Yes, the number of single men who have learned to dance at least a passable two-step is about 5 times less than what is necessary to keep us on the dance floor as much as we’d like. Even worse, we have to compete with the married and attached women who come without their husbands or boyfriends. Line dancing has definitely saved us from life as a wall flower. And yet, couples have met dancing. Some have dated and eventually married. Others have decided that they weren’t compatible after all. Either way, connections do occur, despite the dearth of men who dance. (that was a not-so-subtle hint, by the way).

To wrap this all up in a nice, neat package, I just want to say that as women, we need to lose the notion that just because we’re unattached it is because we don’t attract anyone. Take that statement and strike it from your repertoire before the Universe thinks it’s what you want and grants your wish.

Revising the Mantra

I’m giving all of the single women out there a new mantra. This is good for any of you, regardless of age.
“I am a beautiful, intelligent, interesting, talented woman. I want to attract the few who will understand, respect and appreciate the unique and wonderful individual I am.”

Or you can use my abbreviated version: “I’m beautiful, sexy, sassy and delicious.” Look yourself in the mirror and say one or both of these mantras every day. You might find the results surprising.

1. I am grateful for my friends who show me where I need to work on myself.
2. I am grateful for my crit group who gave me a great deal to think about today.
3. I am grateful for a better attitude and approach to my writing.
4. I am grateful for weeks which are more productive and full of variety and change.
5. I am grateful for abundance: lessons, changes, love, friendship, joy, productivity, dancing, connections, peace, harmony, health, philanthropy and prosperity.

Blessed Be

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May 24, 2015 Judging vs. Avoiding

Today’s Epiphany: Why I Feel So Strongly About Certain Personality Traits

I was talking to a friend last night about an individual who’s behavior annoys me. I believe my exact words were something to the effect of: She really annoys me when she… I know I should allow it to annoy me, but it does. Then it came to me. I currently have no relationship with one of my daughters because she behaves in the exact same manner and I do not tolerate it from her, so I’m not likely to tolerate it from others.

For the most part, I have learned to simply distance myself from people who believe it is OK to use or manipulate other people in order to get what they want. In social situations, it isn’t always possible, and I’m still learning how to do so without being rude, unkind or offensive myself.

Theoretically, We Attract What We Exude…But What if We Don’t?

On an energetic level, we typically attract likes. People with positive attitudes attract others like them while those who love drama and complaining will attract the same as well. Manipulators attract other manipulators who understand them, but they also attract those who seem to function better if they’re serving someone else’s needs instead of their own.

I try to live my life with gratitude and positive energy, and yet, there are still times when the opposing energy sneaks into my life, and I have to ask myself why? That’s when brutal honesty kicks in and I’m forced to realize that I’m attracting something I don’t want because I’m putting a strong, emotional message out there about not wanting it! It may be my behavior or it may just be errant thoughts but either way, it is a huge red flag that there is something within myself I need to fix, and I need to fix it now.

I paused for a few hours to allow what I’d already written to both settle and percolate in my mind. I believe that when I’m writing something that’s more serious than usual, it helps to let the thoughts settle. This time, however, it had a rather unsettling effect. I found that I started feeling like I needed to cry, yet I don’t feel sad, nor are the tears actually building up and ready to fall. It’s like whatever sadness is causing the need to cry isn’t inside of me at all, but is part of the Human Energy Field and, as an empath, I’m feeling it. But as an empath who has learned to detach from the emotions of others to some degree (not always with rousing success), I know that the sadness and the need to cry aren’t really mine.

Detachment is Easier from a Distance

I spent the day alone with my cats, and yes, sticking to my self-imposed schedule. I completed some work for a client, though a large chore I wanted to complete was not even addressed. I did, however, get, not only my normal hour’s meditation in, but a couple of short guided ones as well. I would consider it a successful day. Because the only human contact I had was on the phone with my daughter or via the internet, it is no surprise that I’m able to remain detached from the emotions which are tickling at my senses. It is far easier to keep my distance when the humans in question keep theirs.

At one point in this afternoon’s meditation, I got a vision of the flashing lights of a police car and immediately felt that I was being cautioned, not only when I’m operating a car, but in other areas of my life as well. It wasn’t clear what those other areas might be. I was simply receiving a warning to proceed with caution. In hindsight, this might also refer to my dealings with humanity in general and even in particular. As I receive still more emotional twinges, I’m inclined to follow the advice I received and proceed cautiously, wherever possible, looking before I leap. If I can stay away from humanity altogether for a few days, that might be optimum.

The productivity calendar seems to be working well as a supplement to my To Do list and I’ve bravely extended it out for a few more days with some of the entries, like my daily meditations and gym visits, being extended out indefinitely. I have a full work week of daily scheduled tasks now, though I am understanding with myself if I don’t get to all of them…yet. Interestingly, I did not schedule my blog posting. I find that there are days when I’ll just dash it off late at night, while others, like today see me just working on pieces of it throughout the day. For some reason, I’m hesitant to actually dedicate any particular time of day to the task. But this process is a moving target so there might come a time when I’ll need to regiment my blog posting too.

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for days without human contact and shields which protect me from the most virulent of human emotions.
2. I am grateful for the company of my cats who love me unconditionally and constantly entertain.
3. I am grateful for the success of my new project management system and look forward to increasing productivity as a result.
4. I am grateful for so many things that my mind is spiraling out of control with the joy and wonder of it all. I feel like shouting to the Universe, I am so very blessed! Thank you!
5. I am grateful for abundance: blessings, joy, love, presence, success, productivity, health, harmony, peace, prosperity and philanthropy.

Blessed Be

And now for some shameless self-promotion:
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December 9, 2014 Can a physical reorganization help to re-set the mind and spirit as well?

How does a life reboot really start?

I have a spiritual shelf. I have mentioned it on several occasions and have even included this picture more than once. 3f968-spiritualshelf But today, after doing my daily tarot reading and reading Elizabeth Peru’s Daily Global Tip-off for today, something prompted me to re-arrange the shelf.

OK, I’ll admit, it wasn’t merely “something”. As I might have mentioned, I recently changed the format of my daily Tarot Card reading. When I first started, I pulled one card from my Spiral Tarot and wrote something for each of the categories, I see, I feel and I think. As time went on, I started adding a card from Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Oracle cards. Fast forward to earlier this year when I started looking at the card I cut when I replaced the Tarot card into the deck. During each evolution, I looked at all of the cards pulled to see if there was a common thread. Sometimes there was and sometimes there wasn’t.

Out with the old and in with the new!

There came a point in mid-November when I felt that the Angel Oracle cards were no longer serving me. At that point, I decided to make use of the rest of the Tarot decks I’d purchased over the years but never used (with the exception, I admit, of the Rider-Waite deck which I just don’t “feel”!  Though, as I re-read this sentence, I realize that I must, at some point, give R-W another chance.). But since I’d gotten into the habit of pulling two cards from different decks, I decided that the second pull would be from my old, familiar Spiral Tarot. I continued with the reading of the cut card, but this time, from both decks.

Which leads me to today’s sudden need to reorganize what is, essentially a small space but with a huge amount of energy. I pulled a deck from the shelf which happened to be in a flimsy white box. This may only be significant to people who’ve purchased Tarot decks, but typically, this type of packaging is used when the deck is accompanied by a book. After completing my reading, I decided to find the book which belonged with the deck (which, in case you’re interested is the Romanian Tarot, a deck in which the characters are portrayed as Gypsies).

As you can see from the picture above, the shelf had become a helter-skelter mess of books on a variety of spiritual topics from Tarot to Laws of Attraction to Psychic abilities to Kabbalah, though, until I started pulling the books and decks down, I didn’t quite realize what a collection I’d amassed.

When a reorganization becomes a revelation.

As I removed book after book from the shelf, I found myself saying over and over “So that’s where I put it!” and “I didn’t realize I had that( that many) books on that subject!” After a couple of iterations, I put everything back, but left “The Secret” and “The Laws of Attraction” books in front at first, before realizing that what I wanted was to have the front layer of books all relative to Tarot, with my decks filling in the empty spaces. Surprisingly, there was exactly enough space to accommodate my decision. Spiritual shelf-revised

Meanwhile, when I found that I had several books on Kabbalah hidden on the back of the shelf as well as a copy of the Holy Scriptures, I retrieved other books I’d purchased more recently to put all books on the topic together behind the Tarot books. Also hidden behind the Tarot books and cards is my complete collection of “Laws of Attraction” books and “The Secret” as well as books on psychicness and Wicca. The end result was that I re-familiarized myself with what, precisely, is in my collection. And again, everything fit perfectly.

Something else which practically jumped off the shelf while I was relocating and consolidating my collection of books dealing with spirituality in one way or another was an old, dog-eared copy of “Seth Speaks”. This book actually has a double significance to me, as it was the first series I read about channeling, and was probably where my interest was first piqued to eventually do so myself. But the book also came up in discussion with my massage therapist and friend a couple of weeks ago. Something tells me the time has come to revisit my old friend.

Sometimes, dissatisfaction with where you are or where you’re going is the strongest motivator to change.

I’ve been doing a fair amount of soul searching lately about where I was, how my income generation was going and whether I was still on the path I needed to follow. The biggest question was, “Is copywriting really for me, and why am I really pursuing it?” The biggest question was whether I was pursuing it, albeit sporadically, because it was something I really felt called to do or because it has a better potential for generating revenue. When I realized it was the latter, I knew it was not the means to the end I seek. But where do I go from here?

Yesterday’s vet bill brought it home to me that I am still a long way from making expenses, and that my bank accounts and investments won’t carry me through forever. But I have not yet lost faith in my ability to do what I love, make a difference in the world and be financially stable (which includes, I have to add, large donations to organizations like Cat House on the Kings). I even found myself looking for property for sale which would give me a large house in a piece of property which would afford me the space to create an artist’s colony and a cat rescue. I found and printed out a place which has a 2200 square foot house and 13 acres overlooking the beach between Ventura and Santa Barbara. Though it wasn’t the mountainous, self-contained place I’d originally envisioned, it is actually even better! My affinity with the sea and my love of open spaces would both be met. The pictures are now on my Vision Board (and a few things which don’t belong have been moved).

My stomach is bouncing in anticipation of a buckle-your-seat-belt-and-hold-on-tight, E-ticket kind of ride.

I am a strong believer in synchronicity and know deep in my gut that all of these seemingly disjointed changes and shifts are signalling an even greater one, sooner rather than later. I was about to say, “I only hope I’m up to the challenge” when I realized that if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have chosen today to start reorganizing and preparing to do some reading. In fact, as I look at the shelf beside my spiritual shelf, I see possibilities for more reorganization, this time with the reference books I’ve been collecting that relate to writing.

And now, my entire body is tingling with anticipation!

As they say in New Orleans: laissez les bons temps rouler!

My gratitudes today are:
1. I am grateful for synchronicity.
2. I am grateful for nudges from the Universe to rethink and reorganize.
3. I am grateful for the faith I’ve kept for over a year now in my abilities to do what I want and need to do.
4. I am grateful for the time to devote to my health, my animals and my family.
5. I am grateful for love because it is truly what unites us all.
6. I am grateful for abundance: love, joy, inspiration, guidance, anticipation, evolution, changes, challenges, harmony, peace, health and prosperity.


August 15, 2014 The calm before the storm

The old brain is on underdrive today as I come to the end of a lazy day. The slower pace was greatly appreciated after a restless night and too few hours of real, restful sleep. I’m having visions of an early night after jotting down a few words.

Though the lunch date didn’t materialize, I spent several hours catching up with a friend by phone. It’s been awhile since I just spent a few hours talking about everything and anything with a girlfriend, I really need to find a way to bring more of it into my life.

Girlfriends make life sweeter, and understand things the male of the species just doesn’t get

i admit it. It took me a very long time to recognize the value of girl friends. As a teenager, I felt more comfortable in the company of guy friends because I didn’t have to pretend to be anything other than myself, and didn’t have to learn the rules of what, to me, were overwhelmingly complicated games. As the years went by, I continued to gravitate towards men as they usually didn’t understand the meaning of “catty”, much less, how to play the game.

Contrary to popular belief, men can come from Venus and women can come from Mars.

Over the years, I’ve learned that generalizing based on any quality or characteristic is only going to give you general misinformation. I’ve seen men who were cattier than any woman I’ve ever met, and women who are completely down to earth and sincere. I’ve also learned that the key to attracting those with whom you feel comfortable is in what you put out into the world.

Using what and who you are attracting as a gauge

I’m learning that just like emotions are a good indicator of whether something is or is not good for you, the people and things which are showing up in your life, and your reaction to them, is a good indicator of what you are putting out into the world.

For example, say you notice that you’re attracting a lot of delays and grouchy people. You might think, “Oh, I’m just low on luck today.” But you’d be wrong! Look instead at where your thoughts are settling and the answer to the unpleasantness will be instantly revealed. If you happen to like it that way, far be it for me to tell you to change anything, but if you’re like me, you’ll take a step back and start thinking about what you’re grateful for, what makes you joyful, who you love…anything to raise your vibration to a level which will attract pleasant, happy people and events which make you smile.

This is why I end my day with gratitudes. It gets my brain and heart ready for another amazing day!
1. I am grateful for restful days which build up my energy for marathons of activity.
2. I am grateful for a visit with my grand furries, even if Athena is still too wary to come close.
3. I am grateful for long conversations with friends.
4. I am grateful for the freedom to spend a few days visiting my kids.
5. I am grateful for productivity which carries me quickly towards my goals and dreams.


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