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February 16, 2015 Inclined to rest a lot

Grateful for a couple of days to just rest and think

I know that anyone with children in the house would kill for a day like my last two, just relaxing, sleeping in, getting a few minor chores done, cuddling with the cats, reading and playing computer games. But before you start reaching for the sharp objects, let me assure you that when I do get these days, I know that I’d best take advantage of them because sure as the Universe loves to give me head slaps, there’s something coming that is going to kick my complacent butt from here to China if I haven’t gotten the message and buckled the industrial size seat belts. When I get a couple of days in which I can disconnect, open my office window to gentle breezes and moderate temperatures (which, by our local standards means anywhere between about 68 and 75 degrees), listen to the birds chirping and the cats chirping back, I know that the pace of life and the world’s expectations of me and my time are about to drag me into warp drive.

I may no longer have children to chase or shlep from one activity to the next, but I do have writing to keep up with, a web page to somehow turn into a work of art, an interview to write for said web page and editing to accomplish based on critiques I’m receiving. There are also expectations for my small accounting business and the usual chores to do and bills to pay. Around here, if I don’t do the chores, they don’t get done, it’s as simple as that. And Dylan makes it very clear that empty food or water bowls and full sandboxes are simply not acceptable to his meticulous self. He also takes issue with me spending too much time in front of the computer and has taken to laying on my mouse hand with claws slightly extended into my hand to express his displeasure. But he’s also the very best of company when I’m reading or resting or just don’t want to deal with humanity, singularly or as a whole at the moment.

Significant seismic activity around the “Ring of Fire” are not helping

I’ve always been particularly sensitive to earthquakes, especially the larger ones in the vicinity of my home. In the last few days, the earthquake maps for the Pacific Ocean region have been lit up like the proverbial Christmas tree with Japan and Australia seeing the worst of it…so far. Hereabouts, we’ve had a whole lot of smaller shakers, of the 3 and below variety. Natives don’t even think of those as earthquakes and in a lot of cases, we don’t even feel them. But right now, I’m feeling anxious and twitchy in spite of a very relaxing day, so I know that something at least the magnitude of a large earthquake is waiting in the wings until just the right time to get my attention in a most magnificent way.

I do take these warnings very seriously, and have taken steps to get some things out of the way before my life becomes a classic example of theatre of the absurd. Though with careful preparation, I may not be running behind the cart, trying to keep up, I will certainly be holding on to the edges, doing my best to keep from being slammed from one side to the other and, believe it or not, enjoying the heck out of the wild ride.

Too much of anything is bad for the soul and that includes quiet

My life has been pretty calm and predictable for longer than usual and I’ve started getting into some less than spectacular habits, so it really is time for at least a little shaking up. But I know from experience that the Universe seldom gives me just a little of anything, so I did a little extra clutter clearing over the last couple of weeks in preparation for an avalanche of tasks and projects. Worst case scenario, my inklings are off base and I just wind up with more time to work on the two novels and a children’s book I have in progress as well as time to really learn how to make WordPress work for me and my fledgling website.

Either way, stay tuned for the fun. It’s bound to have huge doses of humor if nothing else. As I see it, laughter is always a good thing!

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for warnings.
2. I am grateful for calm, quiet, peaceful, human-less days.
3. I am grateful that my life has a lot less clutter these days which allows me to respond to changes more easily.
4. I am grateful for interesting dreams as they may some day find themselves between the pages of a book.
5. I am grateful for abundance; peace and quiet, love, beauty, temperate days, restful nights, friendship, dancing, exercise, health, harmony and prosperity.

Blessed Be

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