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“Get Up, Dress Up and Show Up”: Who Sets the Rules?

I see it all the time. People saying that in order to succeed you must “get up, dress up and show up”. It wasn’t until today as I got ready to do some writing that it occurred to me, the whole thing is open to interpretation. I realize the person who wrote it was likely a corporate type and meant at least business casual, but what if that doesn’t work for me or others who live outside the societal middle ground?

After running errands today, I came home, ate lunch, did my meditations and listened to a short webinar as part of my daily commitment to studying something daily. As I got ready to honor another commitment, writing something every day, I looked at what I was wearing, red cotton shorts with a zipper and button closure and a nicer cotton shirt when it hit me: it wasn’t what I was comfortable writing in.

A Unique Concept: Comfort Over Style

The reality is, while writing, comfort is the key for me and that means a pair of loose-fitting, elastic waist workout shorts and an even looser fitting (especially since my recent fat release) sleeveless men’s t-shirt sans bra. Maybe some folks are more productive when they’re dressed to the nines, makeup on and every hair in place, but my creativity flows more freely when the clothes I’m wearing are unobtrusive and my hair is tucked up on top of my head in either a scrunchy or a loose bun held by one of my million and three hair clips.

It must be true, as, before I knew it, I’d written nearly 300 words just on the topic of comfortable work attire. Granted, it’s not the project I intended to be writing, but it does get my creative juices flowing and satisfies my requirement to write something daily. And as I’m now comfy, it will allow me to finish the project I started yesterday, but got too bogged down in details to finish. Note to self: write first, research after and fill in the details.

Turning to Face the Sun Again With Words Inscribed vs. Typed

Now it’s a day later, the article I needed to write is done and launched into cyberspace. While I still have a couple more to go, the change of attire did, indeed have the desired effect. The blocks lifted, the words flowed and I got the job done leaving today free for the more mundane aspects of life.

I’ve also found, as I live this writer’s life for what it’s worth, that I have to set aside time to just do laundry, pay bills and do the bigger household chores. On those days, or during those times, I don’t seem to get much writing done, though as part of my steps to my goals, I’m hoping to change that. The funny thing is, since I committed that particular step to paper using a pen instead of a keyboard, it seems to be manifesting more easily. I don’t know why and I don’t know how, but I can say that I’ve done some form of writing every day since I wrote the words “write every day” on a yellow legal pad.

I’d put those same words on a list in a Word document more than once, with limited success. This time, it seems to be worming it’s way into my brain like the ink blot that forms when you leave a Flair pen open on a piece of paper. It seeps into my brain’s nooks and crannies like nothing created on a flat screen every could. The words are flowing and yes, the need to put them down is, for me, like a junkie’s need for a fix. I have to let the words out of my head and onto a page else they’ll engulf my entire being.

My Other Self Feeds on Vocabulary

It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog post of random thoughts like this, a more defined project like an article for one of the events I attended, or further edits to one of my existing books, as long as I’m writing. I know, too, that just this post won’t quell the stream. I’ll open at least one more document before my head touches linen tonight. I’ll pen or edit more words until this demon inside me is satisfied that I’ve, indeed, written something today. It’s as if each day brings an increasing need, an increasing quantity required to satisfy the being which has been dwelling silently, seething, waiting for the tiniest crack to allow it to work its way to the surface and take over control of this body, this mind, these fingers.

This other self who’s been thrust deep down inside, building up momentum for the opportunity it’s finally seeing to take over, to write, to spill all of the dreams that have occupied my slumber. They come into my waking self full-blown, ready to morph into a story, a bit of prose… maybe even a novel. The time has come and the reasonable, responsible person who pays bills, does laundry and even, at some point, earns a living is being thrust aside.

An Awkward Kind of Balance

My two sides have been fighting for longer than I realized, resulting in a push-me-pull-you kind of existence which changes frequently, but has made little progress. It’s clear now that one or the other has to take the lead, but up to now neither was strong enough to force the issue and neither was willing to relinquish control.

The dreamer, the creative issues an evil laugh as she shoves the practical into a wooden chest, slams down the lid and turns the key in the lock. It’s my turn now! Stay put for awhile! I’ll let you out when it’s time to edit or when I run out of underwear, whichever comes first!

How do others find middle ground between the practical and the creative? How do they bridge the gap allowing both sides to live together harmoniously. How do they find a way to balance both sides, taking the best each has to offer and minimizing the flaws? My sides (and I’m only assuming there are but two) do not know how to compromise. They are all or nothing kind of people. Always fighting for control, always keeping me off-balance. Yet somehow, it works.

Perhaps that’s why so many turn to alcohol, drugs or some other kind of addiction. Which leaves me to wonder: what’s my addiction?

Still, There’s Always Gratitude

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful that my writing has begun to flow again.
2. I am grateful for goals and steps. Now I just need to figure out how to incorporate a timeline to complete the circle.
3. I am grateful for serendipity which brings me together with people I might never connect with to create a beautiful synergy.
4. I am grateful for a curious mind which takes me on many journeys. I may start and stop when I lose interest, but somehow, I always return to the ones which are important.
5. I am grateful for abundance: love, joy, inspiration, motivation, support, friendship, acquaintanceship, peace, health, harmony, philanthropy and prosperity.

Blessed Be

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