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To Twitter or Not to Twitter, That’s my Burning Question

Lately I’ve been more active on Twitter and as a result, have more than doubled the number of followers I have. I’m certainly not breaking any records any more than I’ve broken 100 followers yet, but I’ve noticed something interesting. Some of the people I follow back are tweeting well over a hundred posts a day! Who in the heck has time for that? I link my blog posts and a few other things so one post shows up in more than one place, but over 100 social media posts in a day? In an hour? Craziness! When do they have time for other stuff? I can’t imagine getting the 10,000 words of Nano I’ve written in the last 3 days if I’m tweeting or Facebooking or Instagramming that frequently. Or do they have some kind of automated tweeter?

Even more amazing to me is that people take the time to read that much stuff! In my case, if someone’s tweets are filling up my screen, I eventually take them off of my follow list. I want variety, not the same person over and over. That, to me, is boring and reeks of someone who a. needs to get a life and b. needs to learn to validate themselves.

I’m the First to Admit There’s a Lot I Don’t Know

I’m sure there are some automated posting mechanisms out there, but if they’re automated, it would mean some kind of formula and lack of originality in the posts. I think my real issue is with whether people actually read that many posts or if post overload by some means nobody reads the rest of us because they’re burnt out long before they even see what we’ve written. As in everything we do, there is a valid argument for moderation in social media posts unless, of course, you’re trying to win the popularity portion of #TheVoice or other contest which you’re hoping will launch your career. I can see how saturating the marketplace is reminiscent of our political system. He/she with the most name recognition wins.

But for those such as I who are fledgling writers, artists, photographers and the like, I wish the over-posters would give us a break and leave some space for people to see and share our achievements as well.

And speaking of achievements, Day 4 of #NaNoWriMo isn’t even over and I’m already at 11,575 words. My first year, it took me until June to finish the first draft of “Sasha’s Journey”; my second, until March to finish the first draft of “A Dubious Gift”. I’m determined to finish all 80, 90 or 100,000 words of the first draft of “Hannah’s Chair” by November 30, as one of my old bosses used to say, “Come hell or high water!” I’d also have to add “commitments to clients willing and the crick don’t rise.”

Enjoy your social media and I promise not to be the one to flood it with 100 posts an hour!

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the progress I’m making on a novel I didn’t even know existed 4 days ago.
2. I am grateful for the moral support of all my fellow #Nanowrimo writers including the wonderful group of Inklings he talked me into it again this year.
3. I am grateful for the stories which continue to grow in my head and flow out through my fingers. I don’t know where they’ll go, but I’m enjoying the journey.
4. I am grateful for friends who understand or at least humor me about my dreams.
5. I am grateful that I’ve learned to follow the passion trusting the money will eventually come, at least enough to take care of my cats, keep a roof over our heads and put food in our bellies.
6. I am grateful to, inch by inch, be conquering the fears which made me wait so many years to follow my dreams.
7. I am grateful for the Universal head slaps and the friendly butt kicks which are pushing me along, helping me overcome the fears and above all, write my little fingers off.
8. I am grateful for abundance; motivation, inspiration, imagination, love, friendship, support, joy, humor, murderous intent (on paper of course), sharing, caring, kindness, compassion, celebrations of success, peace, harmony, health, philanthropy and prosperity.

Blessed Be

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