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A Dearth of Posts

This week has been a busy one. I took on a Virtual Assistant course in hopes of learning how to better market the skills I developed from the many years of office work, from basic grunt to manager. 23 lessons in, I’ve reached a similar crossroads to the one at which I found myself when going through the Freelance course. To wit, who in the heck should I be pitching to? Who is my market? I know how to find them, if I could only figure out who they are.

The prize at the end of this course, should I get it right, and aside from food, shelter and cat food is Line Dance Cruise #4. Unlike last year, I will no longer allow myself to go into debt for the cruise. The Cruise is in late February which gives me less than 3 months to generate a steady income stream. An aggressive goal, I know, but one I feel can be reached if I apply myself.

So if you see fewer blog posts it’s because my attention is split between growing my business and finishing the latest revision of Sasha’s Journey. (209 pages done, 154 to go and 14 days to get there. That’s only 11 pages a day! Easy peasy! The next chapter consumes 5 of tomorrow’s 11 all by itself!)

Feel free to leave me a comment even if you have to use an older post. I respond to all except spam.

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for goals.
2. I am grateful for friendship.
3. I am grateful for dancing.
4. I am grateful for my minor obsessions. They make great stories if nothing else.
5. I am grateful for abundance; clients, work, successful marketing plans, incentives, innovation, motivation, love, friends, kitty cuddles, energy, hope, peace, harmony, prosperity and philanthropy.

Blessed Be

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Comments on: "A Dearth of Posts" (2)

  1. Get it Sheri – you CAN do this! What if you focused on the top 1-3 ways you can help clients as a VA (bookkeeping perhaps?) and then pair that with the type of person, industry or client you enjoy working with? Just a thought…


    • I know what you mean, Gina. I figure I’ll focus on accounting and reporting, blogging and email management (and have, in fact, put them in the draft of my pitch letter). I like working with people who are forward thinkers but I know that’s way too broad. I’m going to use some of Erica’s suggested questions during a client meeting tonight too. Who knows what the world might bring over the next few weeks? Thank you so much for the encouragement.


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