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That ol’ Subconscious Gets Me Every Time

This week, the lovely and talented Gina Horkey challenged us to make use of our social media contacts to expand our business. I had not planned to take the challenge since I’m not even meeting my goals for editing my book right now. (more on that later). It seems the Universe and a part of me which hides in the background had other ideas. While dancing last night, I got into not one but three conversations in which blogging for hire came up and business cards or emails were exchanged. OK, to be fair, the third one is more likely to yield accounting work, if anything, but hey, networking is networking and work is work, right?

I’m also finding that the niches I imagined for myself are not materializing. Instead, I’ve been doing a lot of writing about healthy eating, natural remedies and the like, which is fine as the subject is definitely of interest to me. It just wasn’t where I expected to go. But it’s working and better yet, I’m learning something with every post I write. To me, that’s a win-win.

Where Has All the Writing Gone?

Meanwhile, back at the computer, I’ve done a lot of extra running around this week, finished some accounting work for one client and written a couple of blog posts for another, but my own projects have fallen by the wayside. Today, I was trying to read the crit pieces for my group tomorrow and just couldn’t think of a single thing to say about any of them. I walked away for awhile and finally came to the conclusion that it’s because I have failed myself. Until I can rectify that particular problem, I won’t be of any use to anyone else, and my brain will just not focus on the work of others. I hate to neglect my fellow Inklings, but I will truly be a better critiquer for honoring my commitments to myself first. My dear friend, the Universe is making it clear that I will not be allowed to proceed until I make the effort to move myself along my chosen path. I think I also found myself intimidated by a very well thought out story complete with a fully-built world which I read tonight. Despite the fact that I’m in revision number 3, I have yet to actually sit down and figure out the rules for my world or create a chapter by chapter map of where the story is going.

The question is, is it necessary for me to do so, and frankly, I don’t have the answer to that question. But one thing I know for sure, sitting around stewing about it instead of actually getting something done is worse than proceeding without a real plan. In all honesty, the story has already changed a lot and most of that isn’t even my doing. Every time I sit down to work on it, I just somehow know what needs to be cut and where I need to go next. I flip through the already written pages to find that next section, despite the fact that I haven’t re-read the manuscript all the way through in months. Do I question this guidance and try to force myself to meticulously create the world and the outline of chapters? Not at this juncture. I think it would thwart me more than help me.

Can a Pantser Learn Some of the Techniques the Plotters Use?

In some ways, I envy the plotter’s ability to map their story out so effectively. Some of their techniques would surely allow me to tighten up my story…I think. I’m still working my way through Holly Lisle’s writing course, ever-so-slowly. Perhaps that’s where I’ll learn how to better organize my thoughts and do a more effective re-write. Or maybe I won’t. I think my worst enemy right now is sitting around thinking about what I need to do to improve the manuscript and not getting any further. Thus, I’m going to skip tomorrow’s meeting, stop stressing over trying to critique the three pieces and focus on getting a good night’s sleep and an even better day’s work tomorrow. Sasha’s Journey must get through the second rewrite before November 1st. I’ve promised myself it will and I really hate to disappoint myself!

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the little self-talks I have which get me back on track.
2. I am grateful for a day of quiet reflection under the latest Super Moon. (which may be why I’m so unsettled)
3. I am grateful for my furry companions who don’t allow me to sink too far into myself.
4. I am grateful for my dance friends and the dance community in general. I share a healthier lifestyle simply because I dance socially.
5. I am grateful for abundance: epiphanies, challenges, lessons, love, music, friendship, joy, peace, harmony, prosperity and philanthropy.

Blessed Be

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