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A Body Satiated With a Night Well Danced is Fertile Ground for a Pondering Mind

I sit here unwinding and pleasantly exhausted from a night filled with the laughter of friends and an overdose of dancing. While my body sinks gratefully into the chair, my mind jumps up like a kid on a sugar high, dashing hither and yon. It ponders the events of the day, of the week and how so many things, so many people are simply connected.

The spiritual community has, for many months now, been both vocal and consistent in the prediction that many souls will choose to leave this year. Though we’ve seen many celebrities move to that great stage in the hereafter this year, many of those who left were simply old and tired. They’d been practicing their craft, entertaining the masses for decades, so their passing in their 80’s and 90’s wasn’t really much of a stretch.

So too is it true that, despite the seeming coincidence of three friends losing a parent in the last week, old age and failing bodies is still the logical explanation. Though my parents are long gone, many of my friends are spending a large portion of their time caring for aging parents these days, knowing that they won’t be around forever, and treasuring whatever time they might have left.

My question would encompass the younger, healthy people who die tragically like the four Marines felled by a terrorist earlier this week or a child killed by a drive by shooter; a young mother killed in a car accident or a kazillion other accidents and heinous acts which take the lives of people who seemingly had so much left to do with their lives.

Who Can Really Say Whether It Is Accident, Choice or Fate?

Yet, I must ask myself, Is it possible that even those killed tragically chose that time, that place to send their soul on a new journey? For those who are new to my blog, or only read the occasional post, you may not be aware that I’m a firm believer in choices, including those which determine time for what we humans call ‘death’. I also believe that our souls take many journeys, and perhaps not all of those are human, nor are all of them taken on Earth. I cannot provide proof for my beliefs any more than a religious person could prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that there exists a being they call ‘God’. Some aspects of our Faith, our Belief System can be proven (or disproven) scientifically, but the question of where our souls go when our human body expires is, thus far, not one of them.

Ergo, if we can’t prove for certain where the soul goes, how can we prove whether or not it leaves a body by choice, by fate or by accident? I do enjoy debating this with friends of different belief systems, but only those who agree that we are not trying to convince each other, or prove our own beliefs, but simply share and give each other new ideas to ponder. To be honest, part of the development of my own beliefs came from opportunities to compare and contrast those of others without pressure to conform. In fact, there are probably nearly as many ideas from my Spiritual but not Religious friends which fail to resonate as there are from those who follow a particular religion.

Everyone’s Beliefs are Right…For Themselves

Though I truly believe that whatever a person believes is right, as long as they understand that it may not be right for me, I’ve gotten myself in trouble a few times with this viewpoint. I’ve encountered those who feel very strongly that their beliefs are the only right way. My first reaction to this is to try to argue with them. WRONG! Just because they believe theirs is the only way by no means affects me or my beliefs. They can think they know what’s best for me from now until the end of time, but in reality, they don’t get to choose what’s right for me anyway, so why belabour the point?

You want to call on a deity you’ve named ‘God’ and insist that he guides you and takes away your problems if you let him? Great. I’m happy that works for you. You want to call it ‘prayer’ when you send thoughts of love, comfort and healing to someone? Perfect! I call it something else, but the end result of both our thoughts is the same.

The concept of souls moving from place to place, body to body is certainly not shared by everyone. I have friends who subscribe to the “one soul, one body” concept wherein the soul and the body will be reunited at some specified point in the distant future. That seems a little morbid to me, but who am I to say they’re wrong? It’s certainly simpler for them as they don’t feel the need to ponder the question of accident, choice or fate like I do.

For now, I’ll send healing energy to those who have lost a loved one, knowing that they’re sad, regardless of how or why the loved one passed. Grieving is a normal human process and, like Sadness from the movie ‘Inside Out’, it serves a purpose. It allows others to reach out and offer comfort and it builds bonds. It’s also something most of us, at least by the time we reach a certain age, can certainly relate to.

I don’t have an answer to my question yet, and the year is still unfolding in all of its crazy glory. I think it will take at least a tiny glimpse of why those choices are purportedly being made before I can reach any conclusions which will satisfy my constantly enquiring mind.

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the people in my life, whether they be like minded or offer a completely different perspective.
2. I am grateful for choices and for diversity. I no longer feel weird being different. I simply revel in my own personal uniqueness.
3. I am grateful for body numbing nights of dance which get the mental juices stirring.
4. I am grateful for the lovely, lengthy downpour and the cosmic light show we enjoyed today.
5. I am grateful for abundance; love, dancing, friendship, ideas, laughter, joy, health, happiness, peace, harmony, choices, prosperity and philanthropy.

Blessed Be

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