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According to My To Do List, Every Day Has its Share of Accomplishments

Every day has something to show for itself, but some simply have more than others. Continued pain in my shoulder and arm are reducing the amount of items I check off right now. I could allow this to stress me out, but that would only serve to exacerbate the pain, so I choose to focus on the accomplishments instead. Since the escalating pain was not responding well to homeopathic remedies I was forced to take an uncharacteristic approach last night and retrieve the very dusty bottle of vodka from the upper regions of my cupboards and chug the resulting concoction of vodka and cranberry juice. The up side is that I slept, but the downside is that I didn’t awaken until 11 AM.

Necessity is sometimes a mother, and she really rang my chimes today. I succumbed to her by making an appointment with my doctor for the sole purpose of obtaining muscle relaxers and pain pills. Though certainly not my favorite option, the crabbiness from sleep deprivation was becoming unbecoming. Though I see my doctor’s nurse practitioner only when absolutely necessary, she did remember that if I’m complaining of intolerable pain (a level of 8 or above), a normal person would be at a level 25, and would long since have been in her office begging for drugs while writhing on the floor in a pain-induced state of insanity. At the moment, they’re still only effective if I sit perfectly still and do my yoga breathing, but I’m hoping that by tomorrow, the stranglehold my shoulder muscle currently has on the nerves will have lessened to a slightly more tolerable level.

Of course, making an appointment with my doctor was fraught with its own brand of peril. It seems that Blue Shield, in its infinite wisdom only updates the website the doctors use to determine eligibility when they bloody well feel like it. According to their site, my coverage had terminated last November due to unpaid premiums. It would have been nice if the doctor could have accepted a screen shot from my insurance website showing that my premiums were up-to-date, but of course, that would have been far too easy. I do understand that the doctor doesn’t want to risk being forced to chase after me at a later date to get paid for their services, but does it really have to take Blue Shield 30 minutes to search their system to determine that my coverage is still in place and paid?

One would hope that the trials and tribulations would end at that point, but I had one more hurdle to jump (good thing it’s my shoulder and not my legs!). I got one prescription on paper and one was sent over to my local Von’s. When I went to retrieve them about 30 minutes later, the one which was sent over hadn’t come through yet. Fortunately, half way through my call to the doctor’s office, it finally showed up. Lesson learned. Get all prescriptions on paper from now on.

Without further ado, here is what did happen today:

  • Teeth got brushed
  • Vitamins got swallowed
  • Produce box got picked up (though I had to take the scenic route because half of the road was blocked off.)
  • Meditation was done
  • Dishwasher got unloaded
  • Kitchen got cleaned up
  • Bed got made.
  • Refilled ink cartridges got picked upThough it may not seem like much, I consider it a huge accomplishment given the level of pain and sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, typing on the computer is one of the least comfortable activities so this will be short and sweet as I’m waiting for the meds to kick in.

    My gratitudes tonight are:
    1. I am grateful that the end of pain is in sight.
    2. I am grateful for my nurse kitties who have been especially attentive today.
    3. I am grateful that I won’t have to again resort to alcohol to sleep.
    4. I am grateful that I got the name of an accupuncturist since my insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic or physical therapy.
    5. I am grateful for abundance: health, harmony, peace, love, friendship, philanthropy and prosperity.

    Blessed Be

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