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Proactively Giving Pain the Boot

You may have noticed a lack of posts over the last few days which, for me, is highly irregular. I have to admit to doing more than my share of whining, albeit privately, for the last week or so. The truth is, I let tight muscles in my shoulder escalate into what was probably a pinched nerve. This made sitting at the computer and typing rather painful…so I didn’t. Naturally, this affected not only my own regular blog posts but any I might have written for others or any pitches I might have sent. Even when I did sit down to write a post, they came out dry, boring and unfriendly. As that is not the voice I want to share, they went into the virtual dumpster, never to see the light of day or distress anyone other than myself with their out and out boringness (and yes, that is now a word, because I proclaimed it to be).

That is not to say that I didn’t accomplish anything, however. Even so, I was feeling decireading and writing-LLKingdedly unproductive until this quote showed up on my Facebook news feed. I read it and shared it on my Author page, but it didn’t really sink in until this morning. Suddenly it hit me that I had not, as I’d been telling myself, been doing absolutely nothing for the last week, writing-wise. (I still kept the kitchen clean, did a bit of cooking, vacuumed and mopped floors and kept the sand boxes clean). Nothing could be further from the truth!

In the last week, I’ve read:

  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • Backfire by Catherine Coulter
  • Tailspin by Catherine Coulter
  • Orchard Valley by Debbie Macomber

I also attempted to read The Witches Hammer by Jane Hitchcock, but was so annoyed by her portrayal of grimoires as always being books of black magic (she clearly did not do her homework!) that I finally gave up, despite the fact that the story itself was quite good.

Even more surprising, I’ve watched almost no television this week. Most of my regular shows are on hiatus, and I was disinclined to mindlessly watch re-runs of Castle or NCIS.

Giving Back Pain a Homeopathic Dismissal

Being the inveterate researcher I am, I started doing some research on natural muscle relaxers when Nova’s Arm and Shoulder and Injury/Trauma weren’t managing to keep the pain and tension at bay. I even resorted to using the foam roller on my shoulder every day, despite the pain it induces before actually making it better. My research did turn up some interesting information including this one by Marye Audet. Her suggestions were echoed and expanded upon by Phillip Goodmar.

As I am a fairly avid homeopathic advocate, I had many of the things they suggested in the house and have added these things to my daily regimen:

  • Calc Phos. 6X
  • Mag Phos. 6X (it’s not just for PMS)
  • Hot showers with Lavender Aromatherapy body wash.


Like so many things homeopathic, it is taking a variety of supplements and activities to resolve my shoulder’s issues, including rest and something I’m typically very short on, patience. I’m not sure whether the hot, lavender shower was the missing link or if this thing is finally running its course, but since the ultimate goal was to feel better and resume my regular activities, far be it for me to question why it works.

At any rate, regular posts, either here or on my writer’s blog (you can see the posts by clicking on the drop down menu), will resume as of today. I appreciate your patience while I battled my own frustration. Limitations of any kind tend to make me crazy!

My gratitudes today are:
1. I am grateful for the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies.
2. I am grateful to be resuming my normal activities.
3. I am grateful for the information superhighway, aka the worldwide web.
4. I am grateful for a day of errands and a resumption of my gym routine.
5. I am grateful for abundance: health, harmony, peace, energy, anticipation, motivation, love, joy, productivity, friendship, prosperity and philanthropy.

Blessed Be

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I look forward to your comments.

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