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Sometimes it Seems That What I See of the Universe Bears a Remarkable Resemblance to the Norse God, Loki

I know I’ve said it on numerous occasions, but once again, I seem to be the butt of the Universe’s jokes. My little corner seems to find it highly amusing to slap me around and see what I’ll do. I can honestly say that it’s never the same way twice which, if nothing else, keeps life interesting. For those who are unfamiliar with Norse Mythology, Loki was the god of mischief. He was the trickster and the one most likely to turn the tables at the most inconvenient possible moment.

How does it relate to me, you ask? Well, let me explain. I had finally figured out how and where I wanted to take my freelance business. I’d explored copywriting, but found that it was too much like sales for my tastes. Then I looked at straight blogging, but the cold pitching left me, well, cold, and the sites where I did find work paid peanuts. Yes, I have some posts to add to my portfolio, but that’s about it. Finally, I realized that I could build on my small accounting business by marketing it as Virtual Assistance and offering not only accounting but blogging, social media management, payroll, email management and just about anything one might expect from a talented and experienced office staff.

So there I was, connecting with other freelancers, updating my website and LinkedIn to reflect the new plan, promoting my Facebook page for the accounting/virtual assistance business when what should happen? Not one, not two, but three offers of potential full- or part-time work and all three were purely accounting and financial! What makes it worse is that a couple of months ago, I actually considered getting back into accounting in someone else’s office and my stomach clenched. That was enough for me to realize that a step backwards was not where I needed to go.

So why does the Universe see fit to toss such opportunities in my lap? Is it saying Give it up. Your dreams are never going to see the light of day! or is it, instead, a test of my resolve to pursue the life of my dreams? Is it simply a challenge to follow through with what I want and continue to have faith that I am only temporarily depleting my resources. Is it a challenge to continue on the path I began a year and a half ago despite any concrete evidence that it will be successful?

Challenge Accepted

For now, I’m going to treat it as a challenge and continue to pursue the dream. My personal Loki will have to accept the fact that I never thought the dream would just be handed to me because I’m a nice person, but would require a certain amount of sacrifice and even more faith in my success. If I were going to let a couple of set backs push me back into the corporate world doing something I’d grown to dread, I would have thrown in the towel at least 6 months ago. It seems the Universe needs a bit more convincing before it accepts that I deserve to chase my dream.

All I can say is “stick around”. My dreams of a writing career, a successful Virtual Assistance business, and several acres on which to grow fresh fruit, rescue cats and host writer’s retreats will all come to pass. I don’t need to know how or when or where. Just that I will keep returning the lobs and responding to indications which either push me forward or let me know I need to alter my course a bit.

Why Ride the Monorail When You Can Have the E Ticket Ride?

I’ve never taken the easy path or the one others thought I should take. I am certainly not going to do so now. I love my wild, crazy, unpredictable and sometimes frustrating life. I enjoy setting my own schedule and being able to switch gears without having someone complain that their needs aren’t being met. Does that mean I won’t listen to people who might present an opportunity I hadn’t considered? Not at all. But I reserve the right to accept, decline or modify once I’ve listened to their pitch; which is pretty much the same opportunity I give to others when I’m doing the pitching. Life truly is a dance. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow and sometimes you line dance so you can do your own thing! If I wanted it to be the same thing every day, I’d still be working for someone else.

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the opportunities that are coming my way.
2. I am grateful for the power of choice.
3. I am grateful for evidence that I’m presenting myself reasonably well on my website and social media.
4. I am grateful for the natural remedies which are causing improvement in my muscles and joints every day.
5. I am grateful for abundance: opportunities, choices, challenges, lessons, love, joy, friendship, peace, health, harmony, prosperity and philanthropy.

Blessed Be

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