Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

Exit, Procrastination Fairy, Stage Right

After days of reading and procrastinating, I ran out of excuses for avoiding editing Sasha’s Journey. I read through some of the crit notes I’d received looking for a little validation regarding pages I intended to eliminate.

I got the validation, but a bit more than I’d anticipated or was even ready for and decided to take the belts to my ego in small doses. Instead, I started taking notes on a hard copy of my manuscript: what would stay, what would go and what should be re-worked as dialogue. And that’s where the real trouble began.

I’ve taken a lot of flack for my portrayal of teenage conversation but as my daughters and their friends spoke like adults most of the time I didn’t really have good examples of average-teenager-ese. I decided a field trip was in order, choosing the patio outside the Starbuck’s by our local theater as my lab.

Unfortunately, by the time I dragged my lazy self out of the house, the teenagers had moved elsewhere, the overly loud sound system playing (ACK!) classical music obscured any conversations into which I might have eavesdropped and the place was soon overrun by 20-somethings and their young children. I wished I’d followed my first impulse and gone to the mall which was much closer to my house. Of course, the situation was easily rectified as I had to head back towards said mall to get home.

Their sound system was no less obnoxious, but at least the spaces are more open and might provide a spot more conducive to eavesdropping…and less filled with small children pouring frozen yogurt down their shirts and playing in the fountain.

It’s rather sad to see the state of our local mall. They had a grand idea a few years ago to build an outdoor mall, but with all of the department stores consolidating into one conglomerate and the high winds which buffet our valley (someone did not do their homework), too many stores are either vacant or have given way to martial arts and dance studios. A multi-screen theater is scheduled to open in October so we may see a resurrection of the mall, but it’s likely to take time. I did notice that a number of shops have re-located to be closer to the theater. I’d say that’s a fair perk for having stuck it out while mall traffic was slow. They’ve also torn down part of a building and the sign on the fence says something to the effect of “Future Home of Buffalo Wild Wings”. Seems to me it’s just another Hooters with scantily clad waitresses and bar food. Given the choice, I’d rather see Olive Garden or Lucky Dog Cafe, but nobody asked my opinion.

The Quest Must Wait for Another Day

Alas, the quest for teenage conversation was a bust today. The best I found was three teenage girls joking about a misspelling on a sign. Other than the fact that their conversation was filled with the word ‘like’, I gained little insight. But tomorrow is another day. Perhaps I’ll catch a few choice phrases at the gym.

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for research options.
2. I am grateful for critiques which keep me from getting too enamored of my own words.
3. I am grateful for warm sunny days and cooler nights.
4. I am grateful that my electric bills are staying small.
5. I am grateful for abundance: friendship, sunshine, long walks, words, phrases, language, kitties, love, joy, happiness, health, harmony, peace, prosperity, and philanthropy.

Blessed Be

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