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Today, I Take a Cue from Doreen Virtue

Doreen Virtue posted a lovely graphic today, but since it isn’t mine, I hesitate to share it. Instead, I’ll just share the message:

Sometimes, you just have to stand underneath the full moon and let go of everything that’s painful, heavy or distracting.

Although I saw this after I spent some time sitting in my front yard, feet on what’s left of my lawn (lack of water has caused it to dry up) and visiting with my outdoor cats, it fit in with my thoughts and feelings while I was out there, basking in the moon’s glow. For the last few days, I’ve been managing pain and tightness in my back and shoulders, but with greater intensity in my left shoulder. I’ve found that a combination of homeopathics and heat have been the best solution as I don’t like to take OTC pain medication any more than absolutely necessary. Fortunately, regular applications of both have resulted in significant improvement by tonight.

You might wonder why I mention pain and letting go in the same paragraph, so I’ll tell you. When we hold onto feelings, emotions, past issues, etc., it often manifests physically. There are many who believe, and I am one of them, that all illness is a result of something we’re doing to ourselves emotionally and energetically. That being said, by releasing whatever I might be hanging onto, the pain in my shoulder and back should begin to pass.

So tonight, I sat under the light of the full moon, petting Cinders, who is black as night, and for the first time ever, she jumped into my lap. I’m not sure who was more surprised, but she sat there for a few seconds, accepting my pets and skritches before jumping down to alternately investigate bugs in the lawn and throw herself against my legs. While she wandered, I did a bit of meditating, and focused on releasing whatever is bothering me.

There is no Right or Wrong Way to Let Go

At some point in our journey, we all see fit to hold onto pain in the form of past hurts, worry, perceived mistreatments and the like. Just as we hold these things uniquely and feel the effects in our own particular way, we also let them go in ways which work for us. (admittedly some fail to release these toxic feelings, and suffer the very real, physical consequences). For me, it has always been writing. From a pretty young age, I would pour my feelings out on whatever paper or notebook was handy until computers became a fixture in my house. Then, I learned to enjoy the speed with which I could put the feelings down since I’ve been fortunate enough to acquire rather impressive typing skills. Nowadays, it’s nothing for me to pour a couple of thousand words out onto the screen in just a few minutes. I guess my blog posts are proof of that!

Whatever way might work for you, pouring out those feelings and giving yourself permission to release them is incredibly therapeutic. Even if you don’t really know why you’re sad or hurt or just feeling blue, you can still allow yourself to release whatever is bringing you down. Many times, I just say or think I give myself permission to let go of whatever is not serving my best interests now. It doesn’t have to be a complicated incantation, that is, of course, unless you want it to be.

Giving My Intentions that Extra Push

I’ve learned over the yAffirmationsears that setting intentions, especially publicly and where I can see them often is very effective in manifesting what I want. Today, I did so by putting a few things up on the white board in my office. As the board is also magnetic, I figured I can always put things over it as the need arises, but I’ll always know what is behind all of the paraphernalia which accumulates as I write, revise, and have other ideas popping into my head.  Hopefully, you can read my childish scrawl.

As you can see, it doesn’t really matter what you say, as long as your words are strong and they elicit feelings within you, preferably happy, joyful ones. For me, freedom from worrying about material things like money is at the top of my list because without those worries, I am free to just create and love and give wherever I see fit. Thus, I am reminding myself to be grateful every day that it is true and that I am creating and sharing and realizing my dreams with every step I take and every word I write.

I’ve yet to master my tendency to bemoan the fact that everything I’ve written is crap, but at least I’m in good company. It also gives me a reason to study and learn and seek the guidance and alternate viewpoints of others rather than hiding in my little hermit hole all the time, just pounding away at the keyboard.

As I’ve said before, we’re all works in progress, so we’re never going to fix everything about ourselves or release every hurt feeling or abuse we believe we’ve suffered, if for no other reason than we continue to live our lives and evolve. Things continue to happen and we, despite our best intentions, continue to react. Hopefully, as we go along, we learn to be less hard on ourselves and to take things less personally so we don’t have quite as much baggage to release whenever we do our personal house cleaning.

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the opportunity to clean my mental, emotional and energetic house.
2. I am grateful for the lessons I’ve learned which make the housekeeping a bit easier.
3. I am grateful for beautiful nights spent moon gazing, kitty cuddling and even counting airplanes.
4. I am grateful for the many opportunities I’m given to learn new things, chart new roads and exchange ideas with other people.
5. I am grateful for abundance: words, ideas, feelings, love, friendship, joy, peace, harmony, health, prosperity and philanthropy.

Blessed Be

And now for some shameless self-promotion:
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I look forward to your comments.

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