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Antioxidants and More

A few weeks ago, my ongoing decluttering campaign led me to gather all of the bags of loose tea my daughter and I had collected and organize them into small, neatly labelled containers…dozens of small, neatly labelled containers. But now, I can easily find the blend of my choice should I have a craving for a cup of tea, and I no longer settle for whatever is easiest to locate.

When I started experiencing what has become an intermittent rash on my calf accompanied by swelling and water retention in my legs, I took to the internet and discovered that one of the best things to alleviate water retention is green tea. I started perusing my extensive collection and found several varieties including one of my favorites, Dragonswell. To my surprise, I found that transitioning from a cup of coffee in the morning to a large mug of green tea was completely painless and quite tasty.

What I didn’t anticipate was health benefits which were noticeable in such a short time. Not only does my skin look healthier, but the rash and water retention in my legs is completely gone. I’ve also noticed a marked reduction in my craving for anything sweet or salty. (I should mention that I drink my tea plain. I don’t sweeten it and only occasionally add a squeeze of fresh lemon).

But What Do the Experts Say?

I did a little research and found that everyone from WebMD to Medical News Today to Harvard Health Publications as well as countless blogs touts the antioxidant benefits of green tea due to the presence of high levels of flavinoids and catechins. These antioxidants protect us against everything from cancer to heart disease and include Type II diabetes and dental disease.

There are even arguments to be made for green tea’s help in combating the causes of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and in aiding in weight loss and the reduction of abdominal fat.

What I know for sure is that the large mug I consume every morning has not only accomplished my initial goals but has improved my skin tone as well. Since it’s only been a couple of weeks, the rest remains to be seen. Also, the studies talk about drinking five or six cups a day. I don’t really know if they mean coffee cups or measuring cups, but even though my one cup is a gigantic, 24 ounce Tigger mug, I don’t reach the amount cited in their test groups. Still, some is clearly better than none, and if nothing else, I’ve cut calories and fat from my diet by eliminating the creamer I used to put in my coffee.

Some proponents also say that the combination of caffeine and the amino acid, L-Theanine improve brain function, mood and memory as well as giving we non-morning people the kick we need to get moving earlier than we’d like.

To sum it up, Green tea can:
1. Improve brain function
2. Improve memory
3. Wake you up in the morning
4. Improve mood
5. Reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes
6. Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s
7. Reduce the risk of Parkinson’s
8. Aid in reducing water retention
9. Improve skin tone and elasticity
10.Fight free radicals due to high levels of the antioxidants found in flavinoids and catechins
11.Protect from dental disease through the reduction of oral bacteria

Though I don’t see myself giving up coffee completely, for now, green tea is proving itself as a healthy addition to my diet. It’s awfully hard to argue with what you see in the mirror!

My gratitudes tonight:
1. I am grateful for improvements in my health from small changes.
2. I am grateful that decluttering led to something else which has changed my life for the better.
3. I am grateful for a return to my old routine. Mornings, bad, late nights, good!
4. I am grateful for my solitude. It allows me to regroup, reassess and re-evaluate.
5. I am grateful for abundance: nature, love, health, beauty, motivation, inspiration, friendship, harmony, peace, prosperity and philanthropy.

Blessed Be

And now for some shameless self-promotion:
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