Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

Take several dozen dance friends, a smorgasbord of food, football banners, posters and pennants, three TV’s and a barbecue: what do you get?

Once again, a large chunk of the dance crowd gathered at Bill’s for his (almost) annual Super Bowl Party. My day was especially nice as I got an unexpected visit from my daughter and grand puppy. which only made the party that much better! It was a day filled with laughter, eating too much and actually getting to talk to people instead of running onto the dance floor for a line dance or two step or trying to shout over the music. Oh, yes, there was actually a football game on the three tv’s, should anyone be interested in watching.

I look forward to Super Bowl Sunday every year, not for the game, but for the friendship, the fun, the food and the chance to actually talk to people. Yes, we dancers are a bit crazy when it comes to the music and the dance floor. We’ll literally stop mid-sentence to go out and dance. The conversation may be taken up again later, but in my experience, that happens rarely. We are there to dance. The chatting is certainly a part of the experience, but frankly, we are there to dance. I’d try to explain, but only another dance fanatic will understand. Fortunately, I know just where to find them.

As is true each year, there were people I had never met before and others I hadn’t seen in awhile. No matter. Everyone is friendly and we talk as if we’ve known each other forever. This time, it was such a delight to intertwine the mostly country dance crowd with the mostly WCS crowd. Many of us know each other, but don’t cross paths as often since our schedules and venues don’t always mesh. But dancers are dancers, and unless you’re one who thinks we’re not serious enough about our dancing (yes, there are some, but then, every crowd has a couple, but I guess someone has to take themselves too seriously), it’s easy to just fit in with everyone. We’re an easy crowd to love. After all, how can you not love people who say hello and goodbye with a hug?

Of course, seeing the people I’ve met at WCS events reminds me that I need to get off of my tush and do some more of it. I enjoy it when there are enough guys to keep the girls dancing, and love the “hijacking” aspect of the dance. You can play a lot more with your partner in WCS (not that we don’t play off of each other during line dances), and it really is fun to learn something new. I know so little, pattern-wise, in WCS that one move could increase my repertoire by at least 20%. The people are just as friendly and welcoming as the country crowd, after all!

What do you mean, you only dance two nights a week? Are your legs broken?

Not too long ago, I danced five or six nights a week, but that was when I frequented a small local bar which has a live band 7 nights a week. These days, my club of choice only has country dancing twice a week, not counting the Wednesday two-step lessons and college country night. This means I have to actually drag my tush to another dance venue or dance on nights which do something other than two-step and line dances.

My writer friends will understand how easy it is to get caught up in our writing, or reading or reading about writing and lose track of time. I can’t tell you how many times a Tuesday evening rolls around and I look at the clock to find it’s after 6 and I’m still in my sweaty workout clothes. The WCS lessons start at 7 and are, without traffic, a 30 minute drive. Adding in time to get cleaned up and make myself presentable means that it is impossible to arrive on time, so, once again, I stay in my sweaty workout clothes, reading, writing or reading about writing. In this case, the body is willing but the mind is miles away.

Making a promise to myself I hope I can keep.

Yet, after seeing some of the WCS crowd today, I’m going to go out on a limb and promise to at least try to get to a WCS dance at least once a week. I can even use the rationale I’ve discovered recently: I need to watch people to gain insight into my characters and I won’t find people to watch by sitting at home, writing, reading or reading about writing. Do you sense a pattern here?

Stay tuned. I’ll share my progress on this new mission to dance more and become less of a hermit (or maybe a hermit crab as I can become very crabby at times!)

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the fun and friendship at the annual Super Bowl Party for the dancers and others.
2. I am grateful for an unexpected visit from my daughter, even if it was short.
3. I am grateful to my friend Bill for opening his house again for all of us to pig out, chat, hug and enjoy, especially as his grandson decided to arrive early, leaving his grandfather somewhat sleep deprived.
4. I am grateful for the quiet of my own little abode after a day of noise and people.
5. I am grateful for the time I have to read, write and read about writing.
6. I am grateful for abundance: friendship, health, happiness, laughter, joy, connections, inspiration, harmony, peace and prosperity.

Blessed Be

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