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I posted a question about Tarot Spells in a Tarot Professionals group and got more than I bargained for.

A week or so ago, just for grins, I performed two spells out of a book I have, called, coincidentally, “Tarot Spells”. One was “for help in drawing out creative abilities, gaining inspiration and fresh ideas” while the other was “to attract money and prosperity from expected and unexpected sources.” I won’t go into a lot of background about how I came to have this book or why I decided to actually use it, because that’s not the point of today’s post.

Having failed to recognize any results from my spells, and, instead, facing an unknown plumbing bill due to a sudden leak which filled my kitchen and garage with water, I posted a question in a Tarot group. Interestingly enough, I got a call from a former client shortly after I posted my query, and subsequently learned that the cause of the plumbing leak was fairly minor and relatively inexpensive. I’d also caught the problem soon after it began and was able to get the water turned off before major damage could occur.

But I digress. I figured my post would be one of those things people looked at in passing, then moved on. Nothing could have been further from the truth! Many opinions were offered from disparaging remarks about using someone else’s words to do a spell to a woman who took offense because I said her story reminded me of the one about the man and the cow, to some very insightful suggestions. All in all, it turned out to be a very interesting dialogue and I even learned a couple of things. I also learned that some folks just have very strong opinions about using spells or Tarot or both.

What do I think, you might ask.

For me, anything which is even remotely connected to one’s spirituality is quite individual. You have to trust your own heart to help you decide what does and does not make sense to you. My response to the man who felt I was wrong to use someone else’s words was that I wouldn’t have used them had they not felt right to me. I also pointed out that people have been using spells written by others for centuries. I guess some people believe they aren’t effective unless you write them yourself (which, on many occasions, I have).

What, then, did I learn from this experience?

I learned that there are probably at least as many opinions on how to express one’s spirituality as there are definitions of spirituality itself. I also learned that the best advice I could give would be to follow your own heart and trust your own instincts. Others may have an opinion, and that opinion does have value, but you must remember that it is based on their own experiences, and those experiences are not yours.

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful that I’ve learned to listen to what others think but to ultimately trust myself.
2. I am grateful for spells which work, and the patience to allow them to do so in their own time.
3. I am grateful for a busy, productive week.
4. I am grateful for friends who stick together and support each other.
5. I am grateful for abundance; energy, friends, love, joy, fulfilling spirituality, harmony, peace, health and prosperity.

Blessed Be


Comments on: "January 15, 2015 Tarot Spells: Opinions are a Real Mixed Bag" (2)

  1. a very interesting blog post! I also read the original thread in the tarot group. My thought at the time was ‘what is the difference between spells and affirmations” . . . . I wonder if ‘affirmations’ are currently ‘in’ and therefore acceptable? To me, the intent, meditation, thought process and goal are the same, whether it is a positive affirmation or a positive spell, but the noun ‘affirmation’ has fewer negative connotations. Curious what you think?


    • You hit the nail on the head, Trina. A spell is just a formalized way of making an affirmation. In the end, it comes down to the same thing. Most times, I’ll simply make an affirmation, either silently to myself or publicly in my blog, but there are times when I really like the symbolism of a good old-fashioned spell to really lock the affirmation in place. It also allows me to qualify it with things like “it harms none” which, in the case of drawing prosperity to myself, I feel is very important. Same goes for spells of protection. Like anything else, there’s a time and a place for everything, provided you keep your mind open to the possibilities. Also, the word “spell” tends to bring up witchery, which, yes, I believe is effective when used for good, but many people still think “witch” and immediately go to devil worshiping, silly humans! Thank you so much for your thoughts!


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