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The best of intentions aren’t worth a tinker’s damn if you don’t go to bed until 3:00 AM!

I really did have the best of intentions today: Get up early, go to the gym, pick up my Harvest box, and do some more reading on plot development. But around 11:30 last night, an email came in notifying me that the ebook I’d pre-ordered which completed Nora Roberts’ O’Dwyer series was available. What was I to do but start reading it immediately?

Needless to say, I finally put it down at 3 AM and woke later than I’d planned. So the gym got skipped and after picking up my Harvest box and chatting with the young man who’d put me in touch with his mother, who manages the website, I came home, fixed one of the artichokes which was in the box, heated up some leftover chicken, and returned to my book.

Sure, I finished it by about 4PM, but by then, I wasn’t inclined to do anything productive with the rest of my day, so I did my daily meditation, hours late, instead.

It’s too darned easy to get engrossed in something and lose track of the time!

After watching some of the shows I DVR on Tuesday nights and having a couple of phone conversations with my daughter on her way to and from Wine and Paint (or something like that), I did my evening chores and promptly became engrossed in a computer game. So now it’s 3AM again!

The difference is, two-fold. First, I didn’t have the foresight to write my blog post before I lost sight of time, space and responsibilities, and second, I fully intend to go to the gym tomorrow, regardless of what time I wake up. To ensure that I don’t oversleep, I will allow Mr. Scrappy Doo of the lousy manners to remain free to roam the house. He can be counted on to start being obnoxious sufficiently early to render all efforts to talk myself out of going to the gym, pointless. In this regard, Dylan is absolutely no help. Not only does he have no interest in the morning wet food, but he is quite content to snuggle in bed for as long as I’ll stay put.

So the plan is made, the blog post is written, the book is finished and no longer a distraction. Life should return to normal…for at least a day.

What distracts you to the point that you lose all track of time and turn your entire schedule upside down for a day or two? Do you give yourself permission to just let it all go for a bit, or do you feel guilty about it, or worse, beat yourself up?

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for days that go awry, and the fact that I can and do catch back up.
2. I am grateful for my loosey goosey schedule.
3. I am grateful for more goodies and new things to try in my Harvest Box. (tomorrow’s treat will be mashed cauliflower and kolrabi.)
4. I am grateful for my furry bed warmers who sometimes double as alarm clocks.
5. I am grateful for abundance: time, love, joy, friendship, imagination, motivation, harmony, peace, health and prosperity.



Comments on: "October 28, 2014 All good intentions got flushed today. #shericonaway #blogboost" (2)

  1. What distracts me? So much! I’m pretty good at keeping myself on schedule, but we’re always busy, so then something happens. . . like getting a new kitty. That distracts me very much. 🙂 Reading a book too-I know what you mean. I love books, and I just get engrossed in them. Once I keep falling asleep while reading them, then I put them away till tomorrow. 🙂


    • Oh, yes, Amalia! A new kitty, or one of the old ones demanding their share of attention. I know what you mean about falling asleep with the book. Those eyes only stay open so long! I hope you give yourself some time to enjoy those lovely distractions.


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