Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

I didn’t believe it would happen this way, but it was like a huge switch was thrown!

Our perspective of Mercury’s trajectory returned to normal tonight, which might elicit no more than a “Ho hum” from a lot of people, me included. Or more like, I used to be included. So what if Mercury is my ruling planet and so what if my purpose in life revolves around communicating? It’s just another day, right?

The Universe saw another opportunity to send me somersaulting through my life, upside down and backwards. When the energy shifted this time, I felt all 9000 volts shooting through my system and energizing everything in sight!

Bad enough that chores got done and cats scurried out of the way lest they be sucked up by the vacuum cleaner or bathed with the mop. Bad enough that the story I’m plotting for NaNoWriMo insists on forming itself in my mind a full week before I’m allowed to start writing.

That Dancing Queen ain’t got nothin’ on me!

I hit the dance floor tonight like a woman possessed, filled with an energy which couldn’t help but burst forth with every spin, ever kick, every pivot and turn. The laughter and chatting washed from sidelines to dance floor and back again. Everyone was brilliantly witty and full of love and excitement. Everyone in the place was on fire with the energy pulsing through the speakers, the fans and the dancers’ feet.

All limits have been lifted. Anything is possible!

I see possibilities everywhere now. Where there were road blocks, there’s now mile after mile of wide open road. Where once there was hesitation and uncertainty, now there is endless confidence in the best outcome imaginable. The time we’ve spent resting, regrouping and revisiting has yielded great gobs of positive, results driven energy which, like a bullet train, will carry us wherever we want to go and as far into the future as we’ll allow it to take us.

I, for one, am jumping on that bullet train to all of the success and abundance I’ve been envisioning, and holding on tight, ready to not only enjoy the results, but the journey as well.

Journeys are interesting things. We travel along for awhile, look at our maps or our GPS’s and suddenly there’s a detour we simply must take. It might delay or even alter what we see as our final destination, but it simply doesn’t matter, because it was never about the destination anyway. The things we see along the way, the people we interact with, the changes we make within ourselves; that’s what it was all about. The destination was simply there to give us a place to point to when we began our journey. When the destination changes, it is simply a new pointer. If we get there fine, but if we veer off again, that’s fine too. As long as we keep moving and learning and growing, we’re on the right path, wherever it might take us.

Once again, my clock reads 11:11 just as I pause and look down.

Yes, I believe in signs, and the preponderance of 1’s I’ve been seeing for the last week or so is, to me, a neon sign telling me that I’m going in the right direction and to keep moving along that trajectory, even as the pace quickens. I will find what I’m looking for and I will get all that I need. I am only limited by my own imagination and expectations from this point on.

You could look at this time as a terrible burden if you’re one who spends a lot of time stressing out over making the wrong choice, but for those who have learned that you can’t make a wrong choice, this is an incredible opportunity to just go and do and live and feel and thrive. Why fear that you’ll hare off in the wrong direction when your own inner compass will alert you in plenty of time via your emotions. As long as you listen if you get a sick feeling in your stomach or a chill along the surface of your skin, you’ll know in plenty of time when to stop and review your navigation, making such adjustments as will calm those twitches and settle the nervous stomach. Most of the time, all you’ll feel is joy and bliss because you’re on the most marvelous, exciting, fulfilling road imaginable.

This is our journey of a lifetime, so why hesitate or question the whys and wherefores? This really is the time to take that leap of faith.

And on that note, I will leap into tonight’s gratitudes:
1. I am grateful for the most amazing night of dancing imaginable.
2. I am grateful for friends and energy and light and laughter and joy in its purest essence.
3. I am grateful for a life that is full of possibilities and void of limitations.
4. I am grateful for the improving state of my physical self as it will better support my mental and spiritual selves in the coming days, weeks, months, years.
5. I am grateful for the changing energy which is opening doors and windows like never before.
6. I am grateful for abundance; energy, joy, laughter, friendship, health, vitality, connections, imagination, motivation, forward momentum and prosperity.



Comments on: "October 25, 2014 The times, they are a-changin’ (again) #shericonaway #blogboost" (4)

  1. Sounds as though you had a wonderful time. Oh to have that kind of energy again….


    • I don’t have it all the time, so I cherish it when I do. In the moments when energy flags or my body gives me reminders that I’m not so young any more, I have these happy memories to ease the aches and help me remember that those high energy times do come around often enough, considering how hard I’ve been on my physical self all my life.


  2. Your enthusiasm transferred to me. I want to dance with you, to remember the joys of youth and endless possibilities. I won’t listen to the little inner voice that tells me all journeys for me will end on this plane soon, that there’s nothing but pain ahead in this life. Instead, I’ll remember the spontaneity of my changes of direction and what I learned along the way.


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