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We all feel disconnected now and then, but what is it that we’re really missing?

For the last few days, I’ve been feeling disconnected, detached, as if I’m floating freely with no way to settle myself, even if I want to. I finally reached the conclusion that it would shake itself out when the time was right.

Meanwhile, I went about my business, going to the gym with Pandora playing music from my high school years in my ears. Meditating with Pandora playing ambient music beside me. Music playing while I made pots of soup or pans of mish mosh. Doing logic puzzles…in silence. Then it hit me! What I was missing was music. I’d gotten used to having silence while I write, silence from the voices of humans, peace and quiet from those who are not entirely satisfied with what they’ve created. Silence from cranky, impatient people in the stores when I run errands (though rarely, if ever, when I go to the farm to get my weekly veggies and fruits).

As the days become cool enough to open the window, the silence has been broken by the cawing of the crows and the squeaking of the squirrels who taunt my cats as they watch from the safety of the window in my office, tails twitching and occasionally emitting that distinctive cry unique to cats when they’re on the hunt. The sounds of life and nature, going about their business, uncomplaining, joyful as they float through the air or scramble up and down my tree; those are sounds I love. Dylan’s purr as he sits beside me on the desk, Scrappy’s as he settles in for a nap in the warm, soft blanket on my lap while I meditate. Munchkin telling me in no uncertain terms that I have not given her adequate attention in at least a million years. These sounds are music to my ears.

But so are the songs of Seals and Crofts, Loggins and Messina, Cat Stevens, Crosby, Stills and Nash (and sometimes, Young), Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John and so many more…far too many to name, but all who made me think, sing along, dance and more through the years of teenage angst and parents who didn’t understand.

I had disconnected myself from the music!

I had relegated the music to specific times: meditation, cooking and workouts, and forgotten about all of the other times. Yes, I will still turn it off when I’m trying to write (aside from my blog posts which either flow or they don’t, music notwithstanding), but I will remember to use the ever-lovin’ bejeebers out of that $36 Pandora subscription! Rock on!

Rocking out to the music not only boosted my spirits, but motivated me to get about four hours worth of client work done and make a big, healthy salad for dinner. It’s funny, though. As soon as I started singing along with the music, several of my cats came in demanding attention. I’m not sure if I sounded so bad to their ears that they were hoping to shut me up, or if they were attracted to the joy I was exuding as I sang those old, memory-filled songs. Either way, they kept me company while I sang and worked, and a good time was had by all.

What motivates you? What helps you stay in your joyful place while you accomplish the tasks you need to as well as those which are purely choice?

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the insight which, I’m sure, is aided and abetted by my Guides.
2. I am grateful to have found the reason for my doldrums.
3. I am grateful for a return of my motivation.
4. I am grateful for the attention of my cats, even if they’re secretly critical of my off-key singing.
5. I am grateful for a body and mind which are back in motion and churning out ideas.
6. I am grateful for abundance: joy, music, motivation, inspiration, fun, harmony, peace, health and happiness.



Comments on: "October 17, 2014 Figuring out what’s missing #shericonaway #blogboost" (2)

  1. Music certainly helps to motivate me. I have a playlist on Spotify for all the songs that I like to listen to while I work. They play in the background and I’ve found I get on with so much more!

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  2. I’ve become accustomed to silence and on the rare occasions music is played, it’s background lounge music. So I love it when my partner heads out and I can grab the iPod, turn up the dock speakers and let the sounds rumble the silence! Music is a powerful mood enhancer. Oh, and I like your choice in music 🙂

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