Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

Have you ever wondered just how tuned in our pets really are to our moods and the energy we throw off?  I know I have!  I’ve spent a lot of time watching and marveling at how attuned they are to me, how compassionate they are when I just need someone close to tell me in their own quiet way that whatever it is will be ok.

They share the bed with us when we’re sick.  They push their noses into our hands when we cry.  But what about the times when we’re just doing something at one extreme of energy or another; take, for example, meditating.

It wasn’t until recently when I added two hyperactive kittens to my household that the answer became clear.  I had been noticing that when I sat down to do my daily meditation, the kittens would be doing their usual kitty 500 with obstacles (like vertical blinds, for example) at the beginning of my meditation.  Since I was able to get into a meditative state anyway, I’d been chalking it up to my ability to tune them out.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I finally realized that the truth was, as I sank into that meditative, calm, relaxed state, the kittens calmed down too!  By the time I left that state, they were either sleeping beside me or on my lap, completely limp!

There’s also a certain amount of give and take which occurs. For example, if I’m especially restless and having trouble calming my mind, invariably, at least one will be nearby, purring loudly until the calmness sets in. When I seal my field before I begin, everyone becomes part of my protected space. The most extraordinary times are when I’m doing a self-healing.

Headaches seem to be the hardest to self-heal for me. I think it has something to do with focusing too hard while I’m trying to relax. Opposites, in this case, do not attract! While Dylan will be purring softly behind my head, Munchkin and Scrappy Doo fight for pride of place on my lap. Today, however, as I was doing some self-healing and even pulling information from past lives, Scrappy planted himself on my chest and purred as if his life depended on it! Needless to say, the session was highly successful and I released a lot of tension from my neck and shoulders.

The single most amazing experience with feline energy boosting, though, was when I had a miserably painful migraine. Nothing I did was relieving the pain until Toby put his paws on my chest and just licked my temple where the pain was centered. In the very next instant, the migraine was completely gone!

The classes I’ve taken and the books I’ve read didn’t come close to the reality of how we and our animals can impact the energy fields of others. Only two things are really needed, in my experience. There must be a desire to be healed on the part of the recipient (which can, of course, be yourself) and there must be a focused energy which passes between the parties. This is not a case where you can give it half of your attention. No, you must truly believe that what you are healing is already healed! Only then will energies combine and make it so.

I spent the better part of what would have been my father’s 85th birthday, but was, instead, a little over 13 years after he passed,  doing genealogy research with the help of a friend who is simply brilliant when it comes to tracking down obscure facts and connections. It got pretty exciting as we found family ties which had seemed to elude us. I was able to add an extra layer to both sides of my family in the process. Though I still have holes I would really like to fill, I will wait to see if some reaching out I’ve done yields more information. One of the sites my friend led me to was a 40 year effort by a man to trace a family back to Turkey. In that compilation, I found my maternal grandmother and her family, my parents, my cousins and even my daughters! I was awestruck by the connections this man had compiled through many years of research, and contributions from many of those family members. I believe the number is well over 6,000 and he cross-referenced everyone. You could search by your own last name or your spouse, and do the same for every member of the family who was part of this line!

After spending just a day working at this project, I have a huge amount of respect for the people who do it regularly. It can be tedious and frustrating with a plethora of wrong turns and dead ends, but it’s also very rewarding when you can fill in several levels. Though this isn’t something I would have thought I’d find interesting, the prospect of finding the connection between my family and one with the same surname is very enticing. It is even moreso because of a man who contacted me after my grandfather’s death, claiming he was his brother. I had no reason to question it at the time, and, as it happens, he was the grandfather of the woman I just connected with, but everything I’ve found so far supports the fact that my grandfather was an only child! This man had a brother and several sisters. So what is the real connection? Did the families merge as a result of emigration? Did they share a home for awhile until everyone got on their feet? And if so, who sponsored who? I’m eager to see how this mystery unfolds!

I’m reeling myself in before going off on another tangent. It’s after midnight and my brain is rushing at warp speed in many directions, much like the squirrels who played tag in my tree today, beneath a canopy of wildly flying crows. I leave you, dear readers, with tonight’s gratitudes:
1. I am grateful for mysteries to solve, a brain to be challenged and a friend who can guide me while getting as excited as I am about the chase.
2. I am grateful for everything I learned today, as well as for the questions I turned up in the learning.
3. I am grateful for opportunities to challenge and train my brain in new directions. It can only help my writing.
4. I am grateful for story ideas which are jumping like beans in boiling water. They may not all land, but they sure give me food for thought.
5. I am grateful for abundance: ideas, friendship, challenges, mysteries, dreams, hopes, love, kindness, happiness, health, harmony, peace and prosperity.


I look forward to your comments.

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