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On August 28th, I wrote a post about de-friending vs. unfollowing on Facebook and listed a few topics on which I typically unfollow people. Of course, you (and you know who you are) took one item completely out of context and chose to post more of the vitriol I had to block when I was on the old blog platform.

First of all, please accept my thanks for reminding me who you are so I can put the blocks back in place on this platform. Secondly, I urge you to find a support group that is based more on what you can still do rather than on bemoaning what you can’t. I have had a few friends with your condition, and they found ways to still be useful and productive, despite the fact that their abilities were, in the first place, undependable, and in the second, constantly decreasing. One, in particular, would literally drop out of site for a few weeks, often having to re-establish her walking and even, speaking skills before rejoining the world. It is not the talking about health issues which I choose to unfollow, it’s the part about feeling sorry for yourself and expecting the rest of us to do so as well.

We all have some kind of limitation we have to deal with, but how we choose to deal with it dictates just how much of a limitation it is. I wish you all well, and hope you find some purpose which will brighten the lives you’ve been given, but know that your angry, vitriolic rants will not appear in the comment section of my blog. I created this blog to emphasize ways to behave in a positive manner, regardless of what life throws at you. While not always possible, it is possible, at some point, to find the lesson in every, single one of the challenges we face. May you find yours and do what you can to make the world a better place because of what you’ve learned.

Love and light


Comments on: "September 8, 2014 A brief message to the angry ones" (2)

  1. Seems whoever this is aimed towards was someone you were intimately connected to, since you seem to know the details of their struggles. Sorry for your loss of this relationship, but clearly they needed support that you weren’t prepared to give. I pray that they find peace and healing, and that you find a way to resolve your issues with this person.


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