Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

Yesterday, I rather went off on a tangent, and spent quite a bit of time doing research for the post. In the process, I learned a few things, and, in general, vented my spleen about how people get so emotionally charged over issues which may or may not even impact them remotely.

Today, I find that after going to so much effort for a single post, I’m a bit tapped out. I’m hoping this won’t always be the case as I really want to do more posts which require research and learning on my part. In the next few months, I’ll be starting a website which I’ve tentatively entitled “Holistically Healing” I want to include a lot of information about natural healing with foods, herbs and other means from a completely lay point of view. I know this topic is addressed on numerous sites by practitioners of various healing modalities as well as nutritionists and the like. I’m also certain that my idea isn’t unique, but my hope is to provide the information in ways which are both informative and entertaining.

The good news is, the process I followed yesterday ties in with the copywriting class I’m taking. I’m finding myself, despite the slowness of my progress in the class, starting to think like a copywriter. I see bits of information and file them away because I know I’ll need them at some point. Of course, I need to start filing those bits physically instead of just mentally, or they still won’t be retrievable when I really need them!

Have you ever found yourself working on learning something new, and unconsciously starting to incorporate some of the methodology into ordinary tasks? It’s as if the brain takes in information, kicks it around for awhile, then starts creating mini-theories and testing them in a real life scenario. Or is this just another oddity of my ADHD brain? A sort of mental juggling where the balls I keep in the air are ideas and concepts instead of orbs?

This has definitely been the year for me to step outside of my comfort zone, and even outside of anything remotely familiar as I spread my wings and say “something new? Ok! Let’s give it a whirl! If I enjoy it, I’ll just add it to my repertoire!”

Those mental filing cabinets are starting to overflow. Do I reorganize or just build some more?

I seem to have added so many new ideas and concepts and processes that I’m running out of space! Data retrieval is going to suffer if I don’t find a way to organize all of this new stuff, but at least I’m keeping Alzheimer’s at bay! (I read somewhere that learning new things helps keep the brain cells healthy and there’s evidence it can even protect us from Alzheimer’s. I mean no disrespect to those who are affected, either directly or through a family member.) The character, Abby, on the TV series, NCIS, will do a sort of sorting motion in the air, saying that she’s sorting through her mental files. A real-life process like that would be extremely helpful for me right now.

Admittedly, I have folders and files on my computer containing all manner of information. My email box has folders for various types of marketing emails (and aren’t most of the ones we receive from people other than friends just marketing?) And yet, there are too many times when I can’t even retrieve the word I need, much less, a large chunk of data.

In search of a better filing system.

Though the authors of the copywriting course recommend stuffing physical filing cabinets full of material, I just can’t see myself doing that. Why? Because I’ve spent the last couple of years clearing OUT the clutter in my house! I just can’t see putting it back after all of my effort!

I know now that I’ve put the idea out there, I’ll have one of those “Aha moments” when a solution will come to me either out of my own little brain, or, more likely, from something someone else says. I’ve solved a lot of problems this way lately, and have learned to trust that if I stop trying to control things so much, the solutions will come.

So this is me, sitting back, and letting the Universe do it’s thing. I’m learning that I get a lot less headslaps this way, too!

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for my daughter.
2. I am grateful for the health of my cats.
3. I am grateful for the way Munchkin has transferred her affections for Scooby to me, but wonder if what she really needs is another cat to love and connect with.
4. I am grateful for ideas when they flow, and for the times when I struggle to get past a single word.
5. I am grateful for the abundance in my life, the friendships, the love, the prosperity, the philanthropy, the harmony, the joy and the peace.

Love and light


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