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Slow and steady wins the race.
For the last week or so, I’ve been trying to set up a new location for my blog, but was met with failure repeatedly. As I was assured that it would work, I refused to give up, finally sending an email to the site’s support email.
I was beginning to think they really did have no humans working for them, when lo and behold! I received an email telling me what I already knew; they had no record of my setup or email address. The tech finally suggested I use another browser, so, rather reluctantly, I opened my little used copy of Internet Explorer and once again, entered my information.
Much to my surprise and delight, the authorization email I had nearly given up on seeing appeared in my in box!
The next few weeks will see me adjusting to the differences in this new platform, though it interfaces seamlessly with the web site software I’ll be using, so the effort is a means to an end.
One thing I’ve already discovered is that there does not seem to be a way to change the font size in the new program. I’m pre-writing my post in Word to try to correct that problem, so tonight’s post (as will be many future posts for awhile) is an experiment.
Even during my years as an accountant, I became known for my problem solving talents. It wasn’t that I knew more than anyone else. I simply refused to accept the fact that the problem was unsolvable. Very rarely was I proven wrong, and this time is no exception.
When the obvious solutions prove unsuccessful, try looking for the not-so-obvious ones.
After exhausting all of the things everyone else had suggested and finding nothing in the support site, I saw a comment about sending an email to support@{the website} and figured I had nothing to lose. When I received no answer for a couple of days, I figured it meant I had to try to reason it out myself, so getting an answer was already a step in the right direction.
Though it took a couple more tries before I got things going, once I was up and running, I seem to have lost about three hours, while playing with the features and setting it up the way I wanted it (for now, anyway).
Some folks spend their Friday night out with friends or on a date. I’m not some folks!
Yes, it may seem weird to get so involved in a project like this which, from the outside looking in, yields me no special benefit, but if the leap of faith I took late last year has taught me nothing else, it has taught me that sometimes it may seem like I’m off on a random tangent, but many of those random tangents are really going to get me to where I need to be.
For example, the copywriting course will certainly give me another marketable skill, but more importantly, it will teach me how to market myself! Both are useful, but one seems like more of a tangent.
Moving my blog to WordPress might seem like a lot of work for little benefit, but when I set up my website using their web software, it will not only be an easier transition because the software is compatible, but I will have leapt ahead of the learning curve by familiarizing myself with how their sites are laid out.
So bear with me as I learn yet another new skill set in this great adventure upon which I have embarked. With a little luck, I’ll have some handy hints for those who follow in the same path.

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for my persistent nature.
2. I am grateful for the new challenges which make me think outside the box.
3. I am grateful for opportunities to broaden my horizons.
4. I am grateful for the distraction which allowed me to be productive when I was too antsy to concentrate on writing or studying.
5. I am grateful for abundance, joy, harmony, peace, love and prosperity which is available to all of us, just for the asking.
Love and light.


Comments on: "July 18, 2014 #Persistence will always prevail!" (3)

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  2. Congratulations on getting your new WP blog out there Sheri! Persistence is indeed a great quality and copious amounts are needed in the pursuit of our dreams! Keep persisting! 🙂


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