Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

As I sat in the living room, falling asleep in front of the TV tonight, knowing I still had to give Loki her meds and straighten up the kitchen, the thought crossed my mind that I didn’t need to write a post tonight.  The thought was fleeting, however as I recognized that by continuing to give myself permission to skip nights would have the same result as my gym workouts did a couple of months ago. 

So just as I’m refusing myself excuses for continually missing workouts ( I missed one this week, but made sure I went tonight), I accept no excuses for missing a blog post.

Even if, like tonight, I don’t really have anything pressing to write about, I can still jot a few sentences and end with my gratitudes.  And, who knows?  The muse my hop out, bite me in the butt and take over the keyboard, cranking out something incredibly profound with no help from me! 

So here I sit, ensuring the continuing survival of my blog, and more, of my commitment to writing, even if, at times, what hits the page is pretty awful   Just as a bad workout is better than no workout, a boring blog post is better than none. 

An early morning call from the vet brought amazing news!  Patches’ blood and urine numbers for her kidneys were back to normal so the rise appears to be directly related to the infection.  Even better, she got to come home today instead of tomorrow!  She’s settled back in quite nicely, even tolerating the once daily administration of her antibiotics which we have to continue for the next 9 days.  In her own way, I think she gets that we’re only trying to help her feel better.

Meanwhile, Scooby has forgiven me, both for taking her away for a couple of days and for failing to understand that, when he was peeing on the floor in front of me, it wasn’t because HE was sick but that he was trying to tell me that SHE was!  How was I supposed to know this???  But as long as I’m no longer in the dog house, I am not going to let it worry me.  The family is back together and that’s all that really matters!

But I won’t bore you with any more drivel tonight.  I’m half falling asleep in front of the computer, so I’ll finish with my gratitudes and call it a night:

1. I am grateful that Patches is home and returning to good health.
2. I am grateful for Loki’s continued good spirits in spite of the vet’s insistence that she continues to deteriorate.
3. I am grateful fro Scooby’s attentiveness to his sisters and his mom.
4. I am grateful that I’ve been accomplishing a lot at work again.
5. I am grateful for the big, empty space next to my driveway.  I feel less cluttered, despite the fact that it was really just a move and an organization that took place.

Love and light.


I look forward to your comments.

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