Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

I started my day thinking I needed to take a couple of days off to catch up ton things like vehicle maintenance and vet visits.  Now, here I sit, posting in my blog on my iPad because the office power just went off for the third, and seemingly final, time this morning. It seems that a transformer on our block blew (which could explain the loud crashes I heard just before the place went dark each time) and the power company has no estimate of when it will be repaired.

I would like to think that a. I have it in me to affect electrical energy and b. that if I did, I would use that power for good only.  But the reality is, I don’t, for a minute, believe I could have caused this!

WARNING!!!  Political rant ahead!!!

I normally shy away from political discussions, but this furlough and budget crap has gone beyond ridiculous.  The idiots in Congress would rather cripple the country than make sensible decisions, so here is my plan to get them off their collective asses:

1. No budget, no pay.  As long as we are without a budget, the first paychecks to be stopped are those of the Congressmen and Senators.  (there will be NO retroactive pay once the budget is set either!)
2. For every day the budget situation remains unresolved, there will be a permanent 1% decrease in pay for all Congressmen and Senators.
3. All “perks” will be discontinued permanently, effective immediately.  This includes health care, retirement benefits, transportation, offices, office staff and anything else the average person must pay for themselves.
4. Anyone who employs stalling tactics such as fillibusters will be terminated immediately.
5. Pay and benefits for retired politicians is permanently ended.  

In fact, what should really happen is that they go back to the original arrangement:  $1 per year, and they go home to their real jobs for most of the year!!!  Frankly, I believe they’ve outlived their usefulness!

End of political rant.

The power came back on and work commenced, which is really a good thing, because it’s another busy week.  I just wish I could figure out when I can get my car serviced and Patches to the vet.  She’s acting funny, and it’s time for her senior checkup anyway.    I can’t even find a couple of days to take off for vacation right now!    No, scratch that!  I will find a couple of days to take off as vacation days so I can get these things taken care of!

I decided today that I’m going to set a couple more intentions:

     1. I will have my equity line paid off within a year.
     2. I will have, at the very least, my kitchen done within a year.

I’ve learned that, regardless of whether I can see a solution, the first thing to do is just get the intention out there!  I’m holding images of both a statement from my bank with a zero balance, and my beautifully remodeled kitchen with the floor laid in the living room and hallway as well.  I’m seeing recessed lights giving me a fully lit kitchen and a couple of drop lights over the peninsula’s breakfast bar.  

I guess I need to put a muffler or something on my energy as my computer decided to give me the blue screen of death right after I typed that!  (Thank goodness, I can continue writing on my iPad while the desk top refreshes itself!)

Speaking of energy, I started. The next chapter in my text book which deals with energy blocks. The first section addresses blocks in your feet and as I worked through feeling, then unblocking my feet,  my usual helpers began to converge. First, Toby climbed on my lap, stretched himself from my neck to my knees shoved his face in my hand and proceeded to purr loudly.  Then it was Loki’s turn.  She passed herself back and forth across my chest, making sure her fluffy tail found it’s way to my mouth (blech!) until I got the message that she wanted a little of that energy for herself.  After giving her a healthy dose around her solar plexus area, I resumed my efforts to unblock my feet.  It didn’t seem like I’d been at it very long, but by the time I felt the energy flowing not only freely, but incredibly strongly through my feet, up my legs and into my root and sacral chakras, I discovered I’d been at it for over an hour!  At this point, Dylan very pointedly threw himself down against my left leg and made it clear that I needed to redirect my energies to pay him some attention!

That was also my cue to get up, finish making meals for the rest of the week, put the finishing touches on tonight’s post., and head for what was supposed to be an early bed time!  I will, at least, give myself an A for effort. 

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful for the natural abilities I have discovered within myself with regard to working with my energy.  Every exercise I do, every chapter I read, brings me more amazement at the successes I’m experiencing!
2. I am grateful that I’m finding people interested in healing, and open to the idea in totally unexpected places.
3. I am grateful that my two Metaphysical Healing books arrived today.
4. I am grateful for the energy my cats share with me as I’m practicing my healing work.
5. I am grateful for continued opportunities to learn and grow!

Love and light.


I look forward to your comments.

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