Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

Today was one of those days which make it easy for me to go to bed much earlier than usual.  Started out with my vision acting a bit squirrely which gave me a headache.  Managed to get through the day’s work and a con call but really wanted to get laundry done tonight, so I put it in earlier than normal, heated up a chicken pot pie my wonderful daughter made and brought to me on her way to work this morning, lounged in front of the TV for an hour or so with the cats, then made myself get up and make breakfasts and lunches before I found an excuse to put it off. 

It’s funny, that no matter how tired I am these days, those darn habits guilt me into making sure the tasks I need to complete before sleeping get done!  And here I sit, trying to write something interesting while I’m yawning so big my head is nearly split in half! 

While driving home from work, I started thinking about the upcoming holiday weekend, which, coincidentally includes the annual Cajun/Blues music festival here in town.  It was then that I realized I wouldn’t be able to go on Saturday at all due to prior commitments.  It’s really just as well since I’m dancing Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.  Dancing on Saturday too would probably be just a little too much, despite the fact that my Saturday workout has to move to Sunday this week! 

Maybe that’s what’s making me so tired tonight.  Thinking about my full day on Saturday, working out Sunday morning and dancing on Sunday afternoon/evening!  It’s a darn good thing I don’t have to get up early on Monday!  (and if my daughter wants to do our Monday workout early, she’s on her own!  I’ll get there later in the day!)  Guess I’d better have “the talk” with Toby again!  He will be letting me sleep in, not only Monday,. but Tuesday and Wednesday as well!  I’m taking some much deserved vacation time in honor of my birthday!  My plan is to sleep in, go to the gym and work on my book! 

I apologize for the dull, dreariness of this post, but I’m literally falling asleep on the keyboard.  I’ll do better tomorrow!

My gratitudes tonight are:
1. I am grateful that I got the chores I wanted to done tonight.
2. I am grateful that I have 5 full days off work next week!
3. I am grateful for my continued progress towards a healthy, fit body.
4. I am grateful for plenty of dance time this weekend!
5. I am grateful for the warm, soft bed awaiting my weary head.

Love and light.


I look forward to your comments.

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