Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

I found the perfect jar to use for my 2013 Joy Jar today, and it was nothing like what I had envisioned.  I went to Home Goods and looked first at the clear, vase-like jars.  I even picked one up and put it in my cart, but continued to walk around the store to see if I found something I liked better.  When I first spotted the one I ended up buying, my first thought was “too bad it isn’t red or burgundy”.  But the more I thought about it, the more I knew that the jar I was pondering was the perfect one!  It has birds etched into a blue ceramic and on the lid is a small bird chirping. 

I posted a picture of it on Facebook and my wonderful, amazing, inspiring friend, Barbara posted a picture of the one she’d chosen.  Hers also fit her to a “T” and was ceramic rather than clear glass.  She also offered a suggestion which just shows how amazing and inspiring she is.  She said that we should encourage all of our girlfriends to start a Joy Jar too, and to put little notes chronicling our blessings this year.  I’m shooting for one a day, but there is no reason why there can’t be days which have more than one!  My daughter also plans to start a Joy Jar and has suggested we open them next New Year’s and share what we’ve written throughout the year!  What a wise child I have!!

So I am going to do my best to spread the word and encourage everyone to start a Joy Jar and try to write about one joyful thing or blessing they experienced each day!  If enough people are doing this, I just know that the positive energy flow will cause some amazing changes this year!

And speaking of spreading the word, thanks to my friend, Barb’s encouragement, I created an event on Facebook, and I’m happy to say there are already seven of us planning to keep Joy Jars this year and maybe even share some of our joys!  Three of us already have our jars and have started, and I hope to see not only the posts of other people who have started, but also pictures of the jars they have chosen as they are sure to be as unique as the people who choose to participate!  Heather found a beautiful shell shaped vase which is totally her, Barb has a ceramic jar with pretty plants on it and mine has birds.  I’m becoming very excited about this because there will be that much more positive energy as we all make a point of finding at least one joyful event each day.  I can already feel my joy level rising!    So far, all of us are in California, but it won’t be long before we see participants from other states.  I hope that as people join, they take the time to invite their friends as well!  This is carrying the concept of six degrees of separation to new heights! 

Imagine if only one person in every city in the world kept a joy jar this year?  What kind of an impact might that make on our wonderful but ailing planet?  Could we, just be keeping our joy on the front burner, raise the vibration and cause healing, not only for the planet but for so many of her people who are in pain or struggling?  The mind simply boggles!!  This is, indeed, a year of significant change and I hope that in my small way, I’m making a contribution.

My gratitudes tonight are:

1. I am grateful for the successful launch of our Joy Jar event, and anticipate that it will spread quickly, not only across the U.S., but to other countries as well.
2. I am grateful for abundant ideas, opportunities, successes, health and finances.
3. I am grateful for abundant energy to create and sustain new ideas and projects.
4. I am grateful for a lovely weekend of organizing, creating and reacquainting.
5. I am grateful for my wonderful, amazing, inspirational, supportive friends.

Love and light.


I look forward to your comments.

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