Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

Today I went in for the pre-op lab work and boy, did I get a few surprises!  How was I to know that they check everything as if you were going in for major surgery?  Blood and urine I expected.  But then they did the EKG and wanted a chest x-ray as well!  Holy moly!  Good thing they didn’t want to check the other end of things too!  But I learned that wearing a bra with the straps crossed is not a good choice when you go to the doctor and have to get in and out of it a couple of extra times!     I also learned that sticking to my “don’t eat after 7:00 PM” rule (which, by the way, I broke with soybeans tonight) is not a good idea when you have to have fasting blood work done at 10:30 AM.  By the time I was able to go eat my yogurt and drink my coffee, I was hungry enough to eat a small farm!  But I had to make do with yogurt until after the rest of the tests since I forgot to bring a fork for my salad which I scarfed down while on the phone with a colleague because I had to return his call before going into a 2 hour “training session” in the afternoon!  I’m so glad tonight was a dance night as I needed the exercise and my fun, goofy, happy dance friends! 

I also learned that the drama that has been in my life over the last few months is actually moving on, and it took a couple of my fun, goofy, happy dance friends to point it out to me!  I just didn’t miss it when it left, so I failed to notice when it moved on to greener pastures.  My pasture, after all, is quite inhospitable to drama and negativity.  It is far more friendly towards those who want to skip through the tulips wearing mismatched sox and crooked pigtails. 

It is now t minus 14 days until I get my knee repaired and am once again able to dance anything I want for as long as I want!  Woo hoo!  But tonight, I actually did do a faster two step and it felt Mahvelous!!!  I so missed my fast two steps!!!  I know I was taking a chance, but I really, really, really needed to do it!!  Besides, with work craziness, I lost an hour of dancing tonight, so I needed the extra exercise.  I did do most of the line dances while I was there, plus a couple of the couples dances, and the A/C is still not fixed so I certainly sweated a bullet or two. 

Which brings me to the second thing I learned today.  While it is so very hot in there, dancing with my hair down is NOT good, in fact, it’s rather yukky.  After feeling the soggy strands slapping my back for a line dance set, I mosied off to the ladies room and while I was there, I twisted it all up into a neat little bun and used the clip I had in my hair to secure it.  Do you know that the next time I hit the dance floor, I felt 20 degrees cooler???  So until they finish the installation of the air conditioners, I will be pulling my hair up off my back!  I may not like the “look” as much, but it beats the heck out of soggy hair sticking to my skin!  Ick!

My plans for the weekend include scrubbing the floors and spending Sunday with my sister and daughter.  We’ve promised her a sushi expedition and as she had another hospital stay this week, it will be kind of like a reward.  I also get to spend some time with an adorable little man while his daddy finishes fixing Jenni’s brakes.  I think I’m getting the best of this deal!!! 

But sleep is tugging at my eyelids while visions of sugar plums dance in my head.

Love and light.


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