Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

As I was wiping down the counters after unloading the dishwasher and fixing my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow, the thought came to me that I’m really loving this new and improved me!  I’ve gotten into a regular routine of preparing my meals the night before on a regular basis, cleaning up after myself as I go rather than leaving piles of things for “later” and continuing to write in my blog every day!  The new habits I’m forming are very pleasing to me.

I realize that a lot of this may seem like normal, every day stuff to the average person, but, face it, I’m used to being a slob, and having the kids here, dumping their stuff wherever all the time didn’t encourage me to get better.  And I just lost the energy to fight with them over it after awhile.  But now that any mess that’s left is mine and only mine, it’s much easier to take ownership and make any change I want to.  And I have a lot more energy, period.  I left work tonight, stopped at TJ’s to pick up a couple of things I’d forgotten yesterday, came home and put it all away, got the sandboxes emptied, cleaned and refilled and the trash out before making dinner and plopping my butt down in front of the tv for a much needed rest and a great night of entertainment.  One of the shows I like had its last show of the season, one had its first and one is on about the third so I was occupied for awhile.  Not one to simply do one thing, though, I had my trusty iPad to play games, check mail and log into Facebook now and then.  And of course, there were the furballs who just never get enough attention, the poor dears!

As an added bonus, the serious heat wave seems to have broken for now, and I was able to open up the windows, shut off the AC and let in some wonderfully cool night air!  Toby got a little too excited and tried to jump into the bathroom window.  Some weird scrabbling from that general vicinity alerted me to the fact that the operative word, poor guy, was “tried”. 

I’m also feeling a sense of excitement, whether from the new habits I’m forming or because of something else that’s ready to manifest, I’m not entirely sure, but I’ve found that the what doesn’t really matter as much as that feeling of excitement, joy and boundless energy that comes with it.  I already know, without a doubt that whatever it might be will be wonderful beyond my imaginings, and the surprise will only amplify the fun factor.  So I wait, poised on the edge of my seat for whatever the Universe has in store for me, knowing that, as I do with Christmas and birthday presents, I’ll open it slowly to savor the surprise as long as possible.

So my last thought as I end this and prepare for sleep is “here’s to wonderful surprises and the delightful anticipation that comes with them!”

Love and light


I look forward to your comments.

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