Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

In keeping with my promise to keep on bloggin’, I’m putting something down tonight, even though I don’t have much to say, at least, my brain is empty at the moment (but we all know how that can change in a nanosecond, and then, fingers will be hardpressed to keep up with the brain dump!)

Had dinner with the newlyweds tonight, always a silly occasion.  After three weeks of wedded bliss, they’re still mushballs, although they kept the face sucking to a minimum for a change! 

The knee is still behaving well, so maybe it’s not as offended by housework as I thought, because I’ve done some kind of chore or other every day except today, (unless you count taking the trash cans in and making my lunch for tomorrow)  and it’s only giving me little twinges of pain.  I wish that would mean that the surgery wouldn’t be necessary, but all it really means is that, for the moment, the knee has shifted back to where it belongs, but I already know that it will only take one thing to make it go back to a place which makes me a rather unhappy camper, not so much because of the pain, but because of the missed dance nights!!!  (I do have my priorities in order, I really do!) 

As is often the case when I have nothing of merit to say and admit it to myself and  anyone else reading this little babble fest, I found myself suddenly inspired to take care of a couple of things.  The first was at the suggestion of my manicurist.  She said she thought it would be a good idea for me to write a review of my ex-contractor on Angie’s List.  After considering it for, oh, about 2 seconds, I agreed that she was right.  I had been looking for a way to get the word out that he shouldn’t be trusted, and that’s a site which is used by a lot of people!  And in getting online and writing the review, I took care of some other things (and the reason I’d joined the site a month or so ago), sending out requests for information to a couple of structural engineers and a couple of asbestos testing companies. 

All of this is really no more than a continuation of the decluttering process.  My mind had been mulling these things over for awhile, and the time just seemed right to get them out of my brain and into action!  The mind boggles at what else will move from thought to action in the next few weeks and months!  In the meantime, I’m thoroughly enjoying walking into my kitchen and seeing clean, cleared counters all the time, seeing cleared couches and floor space in my living room and clean dressers, chairs and floor space in my bedroom!  I just know that all of this cleared space will be what inspires me to tackle the biggest clutterfest of all, my office! 

But as things start to move from my brain to action, I am getting very excited about what is already manifesting, and more, what is yet to manifest and is still just a rambling little path in my imagination!  I think Dr. Seuss said it best: “Oh the thinks you can THINK!”  And the thinks I’m thinking now are starting to get bigger and better, grander and more amazing, and above all, POSSIBLE!!!!  Now if I can just imagine a chunk of change with which to invest in a new endeavor I heard about today!  🙂   As with everything else, I know the means will be there when the time is right for the ways to begin! 

But the hour grows late and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, starting with a delightful little chat with a government auditor.  I will just make every effort to see it as a learning experience on many levels.  Our email communications have been quite civil so I’m hoping that this one is really just doing her job and not taking the position that the contractor is evil (admittedly, I really only had the misfortune of dealing with one like that, but the bad taste remains in my mouth from the experience!) 

Imagining the possibilities and going to bed with a huge smile on my face!  I feel like a kid the night before a trip to Disneyland!

Love and light!


I look forward to your comments.

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