Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

Some folks say that a wish made on the Blue Moon will manifest itself in the months to come.  But when is a wish not a wish? 

I believe that wishes are really intentions that we’re not quite ready to commit to, so we word them as a wish, a desire, a hope instead of something more solid like an intention.  But in order to make something manifest, we have to commit to it.  A wish is like saying “oh, I’d like chocolate ice cream but if a bowl of jello is the best I can hope for, I’ll be happy with that too.”  To heck with that, I say!  Give me the double chocolate fudge ice cream with raspberry swirls, and I’ll take a creme brulee too!  I’m telling that big, blue moon up there that with him or without him, I will make my dreams come true!  (of course, a little help is never something I’d turn away!) 

So, Mr. Blue Moon, here it is.  My intentions for this year are to get back on track with that book of mine which has been waiting too long to come out of me and into the sunlight, to continue improving my health and well-being, mind, body and spirit, to achieve the independence I desire and to live my life abundantly. 

On the topic of independence, I am truly amazed at the “opportunities” which find their way into my email these days.  The latest in a long series of them tells me that in 4 easy (and free) lessons, I, too, can become a life coach and charge people for monthly phone consultations which will net me 6 figures a year because the demand for life coaches is so great now, and there are only about 20,000 in the world today!  The 4 videos will teach me everything I need to know to not only become a life coach, but to market myself and find clients willing to pay between $250 and $1500 a month for phone consultations with me.  Of course, the fine print tells you that if you don’t get everything from the free videos, you’re welcome to sign up for their extra special course, which is, of course, not free!  It reminds me of the fellow selling his book which teaches you how to make a million dollars, and he only wants $30 for it!  The lesson he teaches could be summed up in a couple of sentences.  There’s a sucker born every minute, and a fool and his money are soon parted.  the question is, do I want to contribute to someone else’s next million?  Am I the fool to be parted from my hard earned coin?  Do these get rich quick from the comfort of your own home schemes really sound believable to me? 

I’ll bet the psychotherapists are plotzing over people like this who essentially claim (in very poor grammar) that they can replace therapists because most people going to therapists are not mentally ill!  As a numbers person, I would love to see where they get their data!  Anyone can make a nifty little speech claiming that you can make $100K a year just by calling a few people on the phone every month and helping them achieve their goals.  But I want hard facts to prove this claim.  Show me real people who are part of the “20,000 life coaches world wide”.  And where did the 20,000 come from?  Sure, it sounds good on paper, especially when compared to the millions of attorneys, and heaven knows, more people need life coaches than attorneys, right?  With unemployment high, I can really see people saying “oh, honey, we don’t need to eat this month.  I need to pay my life coach!  You’ll see, though.  It’ll pay off a thousand times when I’m making that 6 figure income from the comfort of my sofa!” 

But I have no problem listening to the free webinars from the people who claim to have made millions from coaching, book sales and the like.  If their claims are true, I’m sure to glean a few tidbits from what they’re willing to offer to me free of charge, or, failing that, I get a little more material for my own writing efforts. 

So stay tuned to this page for my rants which may range from “life coaching” to “manifesting your soulmate” to “writing a best seller”.  I’ve discovered that for any intention I might set for myself, there’s someone out there willing to sell me a fool proof way to get there.  But who really is the fool?

Not just anybody’s fool!

Love and light


I look forward to your comments.

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