Rip off the mask, tear down the walls. Show the world your beautiful self!

While driving to work today, my mind was doing its usual meandering and the path it chose to take caused me to consider the fact that my patience has been sorely tried over the last few weeks.  This led me to ponder the fact that patience is probably one of my weakest qualities so what better way to strengthen a muscle than to use it on heavier and heavier tasks?  At this point, I experienced one of those “aha moments” I’ve come to think of as Universal head slaps.  Clearly, it’s important for me to learn to be more patient so I’m being given many opportunities to practice the art.  So if I don’t want the challenges to get more difficult, it would behoove me to start absorbing the lesson being set before me!  Sadly, the day degenerated into one gigantic challenge until the working portion of it ended.  I guess, in my defense, I did manage to accomplish the necessary tasks without strangling anyone or doing other bodily harm in the process, and I am even more grateful that I have a four day weekend ahead of me in which to recover some of the patience I lost this week!

Love and light.


I look forward to your comments.

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